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Film Tugs 9

The idea for this series is that while watching a movie, I see tugboats in it unexpectedly.  This happened last night as  I watched Kill the Irishman, a 2011 movie based on events in Cleveland OH during the mid-1970s, when a mob war led to 37 bombings in Cuyahoga County.  I was outside the US […]

Film Tugs 8

This  is an unexpected post, but I watched a movie the other day that involved D.S. 78  barge moving garbage away from a marine transfer station somewhere in Manhattan.  John J. Harvey shows up in the movie.  And the crewman above, would he be crew or an actor? And here’s the tug.  Likely someone seeing […]

Film Tugs 7

Here are previous posts in this series. There is some self-disclosure here:  since last winter and thanks to my movie-buff son, I’ve gotten hooked on movies based on comics.  So, recently, to my surprise, while watching Gotham, I saw Marie J. Turecamo and one of the 6000s in a CGI-noir of an East River scene. […]

Film Tugs 6

Here are the earlier posts in this series. And for today, see this screen grab from Coen brothers Ladykillers, a fun movie I thought for an otherwise uninspired evening.  That’s a tug towing a garbage barge under a bridge supposedly in a southern state.  A good half dozen bodies get tossed onto the garbage as […]

Film Tugs 5

Click here to see the series. Recognize the actor/character gazing into the dry dock at Ocean Wrestler?  When I saw this on a streaming rerun–whatever you’d call it now–I suspected the name Ocean Wrestler was a prop added for the show.  More on that later.  According to the script, this was a dry dock in Norfolk, […]

Film Tugs 4

Here were previous posts from the movies. If you haven’t seen The Usual Suspects, I suggest you check it out.  And while you’re watching, maybe you can help me identify the tugboats in the movie here and here . . . under the VZ Bridge. Both photos “grabbed” from the film.  

Film Tugs 3

Here were the first and second in this series.   And I could renumber and make this #4, since I posted a screen grab of tug in  Carlito’s Way here . . . last shot there . . . which turned out to be Dorothy Elizabeth.   Anyhow, the “grab” is somewhat blurry, but any guesses […]

Film Tugs 2

Here was the first in this series, the result of watching an old movie featuring Yul Brenner and Marlon Brando.  What I let fall through the cracks is this identification from someone who sent this foto, the source of which I didn’t know until now.  The tug–supposedly in Tokyo–was actually Wilmington Transportation tug Long Beach. […]

Film Tugs

See the last foto in this post from a year and half ago.  In less than 48 hours, three people identified the tugboat and I acknowledged them here. The 96-year-old tugboat below, Furie, was centerpiece of a Dutch TV show called Hollands Glorie from the late 1970s.  I once watched an episode of the show […]

Dutch Tugs 5

Let me clarify the title .  . all these photos were taken in Dutch waters by Aleksandr Mariy.  Jade is actually a German tug built in 2000. Union Emerald–the tailing portion of this tow–is Belgian, 2005 built. And in between, the barge is Dutch. I like the lines of Veritas with a telescoping wheelhouse, but searches […]