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Turning the Bridge

She’s not pink or blue or green or new, but she’s an ULCV that I saw back out of Bayonne yesterday, and I can imagine all the communications and applications of power to make this happen. JRT yanked eased under power stern wise, while Mary Turecamo  and Jonathan C countered that movement just enough to […]

Summer Sail 1

Tugster has been a work in progress, evolving organically, without a foreseen plan.  So I just noticed that although I’ve done many posts on autumn sail, I’ve not used the summer sail title.  Until now. What better place to start than with SSV Oliver Hazard Perry.  GCaptain calls it a 21st century ship mindful of […]


This is the last Chicago-bound post . . . after all, I’ve arrived and even seen the city in the rearview mirror.  A large part of Chicago’s port, per se, is here in the Calumet River.  Kimberly Selvick shows her versatility by gliding beneath the 95th Street bridge, stopping no traffic.  Not far away, I’m […]

Tagster 6

Today I pass a personal milestone . . . er, year stone, so the editors in Tugster Tower allow me to veer off topic . . .  first, to muse about the effect of picking up a camera and navigating life with it.  While I mostly photograph “sixth boro … and beyond” things that float, […]

Virtual Erie Canal 8W: Closing the Circle

Three Rivers Junction, where the Seneca meets the Oneida, forming the Oswego, it’s got to be right around that bend. At Three Rivers we sail into our own wake;  we’ve performed the ouroboros.  There’s just this sign, which we saw on leg 9 of the earlier virtual tour.  No pier, no quay, no wharf, no […]

North on Gallatin’s Ditches 1

Gallatin wrote a report in 1808 proposing canals, an intercostal waterway and more.  This series is a tribute to him starting in Charleston and northbound. When I write on the run, I’m taking no time to figure out what I’m seeing, like this beautiful hull … in the Ashley. Athena reportedly just sold for $50 […]

Random Tugs 139

This might be the “newest-named” boat in the harbor, although you’ve seen Genesis Victory here before as Huron Service both with blue trim and orange. Laura K Moran first appeared on this blog back in 2008 here, as the sixth boro’s newbie. I’m not sure the story here, but Laura K holds station off the […]

Pilots 5

Maersk Wisconsin headed out,  . . .  my attention is on the figure between the tugboat and the ship. You know the unseen players on two vessels in this maneuver must be 100% focused here. The way is prepared and the pilot begins the final steps of egress as all eyes remain on him. Once […]

JR 9

Just to clarify if this this your first time reading this series, “JR” abbreviates “January river,” which you may know in Portuguese as “Rio de Janeiro.”  Here that’s pronounced as “hee oh.” Make sense of this foto?  More info at the end of the post. NYC’s sixth boro moves lots of folks between the boros […]

Autumn Sail 8

Here was 7. There are figureheads, and then there are figures on the head rig. Or dancers on the jibboom? Whatever part of a sail evolution this was, it looked like fun on Shearwater. Pioneer too seemed to relish playing in the Upper Bay the other evening, tacking off Ellis Island. I saw another too […]