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Government Boats 46

Some government boats have jet drives.  In this post from early September 2014, the smaller vessel had jet drive, whereas the larger one–propellers, although I can find no info about , eg, their diameter. The other day in the East River I encountered FDNY’s newest (?) vessel, William M. Feehan.  Click here for Feehan‘s dedication […]

Government Boats 45

Who even knew such a vessel as Integrity existed?  I can imagine all manner of things they dive for.  Here’s more info on requirements and job description. Unrelated, the East River gets shut down sometimes if high profile traffic travels through the heliport.  One such event happened about a week ago.   Here besides two (of […]

Government Boats 42

Let me start with the oldest ones not yet published.  There’s something timely about Tracy, the vessel below.  I took the photo from mid river between Ogdensburg NY and Prescott ON.  Are you hankering for a project?  Details below. The next day I got this photo as we entered Oswego.  RV Kaho was christened in […]

Wavertree Returns 2

Who else greeted Wavertree on the rest of the way home?  John J. Harvey is always in on celebrations. Lettie G. Howard was there, as was the helicopter.  Feehan presented herself on the far side of Rae. Pioneer accounted for herself with crew in the crosstrees. Pioneer and Lettie teamed up at times. Wire showed up. New York Harbor School […]

Remembering Feehan

      In remembering one, we memorialize all.  Here’s another article about William M. Feehan. All photos by Will Van Dorp.

Welcome William M. Feehan

Here was the welcome for 343. Yesterday, Feehan arrived in the sixth boro.  I miscalculated and missed the event, but New York Media Boat was there for the jubilation.       Many thanks to Bjoern Kils of the Media Boat for use of these photos.

Government Boats 39

I’ve been waiting to get a good photo of the latest FDNY vessel under way and I caught it here the other day. Her top speed exceeds 40 knots, an important feature given the need to urgently respond to a crisis.   Another relatively new government boat in the harbor is NYPD 621, P. O. […]

Government Boat 39

Here are the previous ones. This FDNY boat has never floated in the sixth boro, although it should be here this coming Tuesday. I wanted to catch this vessel in the resplendent colors of October along the Erie Canal. Watch here for sixth boro harbor news for the time of a welcome ceremony at the Statue […]