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Random Ships 98

They come, they go . . . and we never get to know more than the names, unless something unusual happens, as was the case with Ever Forward.  More on that at the end of this post.  Some names are intriguing, like CMA CGM Osiris, likely among the newest cargo ships calling in the sixth […]

Stacks 7

Identity and ownership or affiliation can be read from vessel stacks.  Seeing the photo below with the gray, blue, and gold rings over a white stack . . .  you might know that could be only one of two vessels, USNS Comfort, which it is, or USNC Mercy.  Other USNS or Military Sealift Command vessels […]

Dynamic Sixth Boro 2

Friends have sent two articulating fotos from airplanes .  .  . one in February and the second in March showing parts of the sixth boro.  Imagine the foto below as the face of a clock . . . then the VZ Bridge stretches from one to two o’clock and the eastern end of the KVK […]