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Where “Exotics” Ain’t Exotic 3

It’s a new year, and with today’s and tomorrow’s post, I’m retiring the label “exotic” as I’ve used it to describe vessels related to offshore wind development efforts.  Consider the photo below:  three such vessels appear, l to r:  Fugro Enterprise, Miss Emma McCall, and HOS Browning.  Since all three are offshore wind farm related […]

Where “Exotics” Ain’t Exotic 3 b

One more to underscore the increasing frequency of a variety of these boats . . . Brooks McCall even today is working an area of Long Island Sound between Plum Island and Fishers Island. That’s Millstone Point in the background.  Brooks McCall is slightly older and longer than Miss Emma McCall, from yesterday’s post.  Brooks […]

Where “Exotics” Ain’t Exotic 2

Here’s another mostly photographic account of quite commonplace traffic off Louisiana, aka in the oil patch.   Fourchon Runner is running some supplies, equipment, and likely personnel out to one of a forest of platforms involved in oil and gas extraction.  Here are stats on Fourchon Runner.  This unit on the stern looks to my […]

Where “Exotics” Ain’t Exotic 1

Long time readers of this blog know I’ve assigned the term “exotic” to vessel types not commonly seen in the sixth boro.  If I’d begun the blog in the SW Louisiana section of the Gulf of Mexico, I’d never have called the boats in this post “exotic.”  For a primer on types of offshore supply […]

Exotics 33

This exotic is extraordinarily exotic.   Any guesses based on appearance of  the red and white vessel below? I’ll give a little more time to study while you prepare your guess.   Given her specs, which I share below, she’s not for offshore wind or the sixth boro, unless we have extraordinary weather  ahead. I […]

Exotics 32

or this should be X-otics 32, my second space ship this month, the first being Jacklyn here.  And that this Bob should come into the sixth boro the same day Artemis 1 had intended to fly is quite remarkable.  This exotic started life over a decade ago in the orange/yellow livery of ECO, named for […]

Exotics 31

How about a “twofer” today . . . two exotics for the price of one, both in the sixth boro at the same time.  GO Discovery was over at Bayonne Dry Dock and has since headed out to the “survey site,” which I’m thinking means sites.  More about the layout of this hull #2 from […]

Exotics at Barnum’s

If you read this blog regularly, you’ll recall I spent a large part of June and July on a liftboat called Legs III.  A similar liftboat called Ram VII did some work in the sixth boro in September.   Now for parts of November and December, a huge liftboat has operated off the South Fork of Long […]

Exotics 30

aka “thanks to Tony A 34” is the best title for this, and I’m sure you’ll agree.  If you’ve lost track, “exotic” is my term for unusual vessels calling in the sixth boro.  Although the series started with a workboat repurposed as a live aboard, in the past few years the term has evolved to […]

Exotics 29

In my view, the sixth boro sees the regular traffic, the less regular, the new ones (new hulls or just new names) and then there are the exotics, vessels that might ever call here only once.  Vos Star is certainly an exotic, even though it had been working off SE Long Island for the past […]