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Random Pretty Scenes 2

How to structure some at photos sent along by eastriver while at sea had flummoxed me too long.  But looking through some old titles, a eureka moment happened . . . I’d used this title once before . . .  here. Twilight on a hot asphalt-hauling steel barge looks pretty good. When the horizon retreats, […]

Everlast 3

Everlast has been a focus several times here before, so this post will add photos in exotic American Narrows landscapes to the record. She has one of the more interesting service records among Great Lakes tugboats, IMHO.  See here. Then see how Russia and Greece play into her past here. In the background here, you […]

Freshwater Tugs 9

Here are the previous 8 installments. We’ll start just north of Belle Isle and move north for these. From l to r, it’s Kimberly Anne and Andrew J, both sailing for Dean Marine & Excavating.   Near Sarnia and in front of the refinery that creates its product, McAsphalt Transportation’s Everlast lies at the dock. […]

GWA7: negotiating the straits of Erie

“Motor city” is another name for Detroit, but “detroit” is only part of the name for the waterway given by the French explorer Cadillac when he led the first Europeans to settle “Fort Pontchartrain du Detroit” on a bank of “le détroit du lac Érié,”  the strait of Lake Erie), linking Lake Huron and Lake […]

Everlast 2

Here’s the first post I did on Everlast.  What intrigues me about the tug is her convoluted path to the Great Lakes . . . Japan, Russian Far East, Greece, and now the borderlands between the US and Canada.  Carlzboats details it all here.  In fact, Carlz goes on to add the China details about her […]

Random Tugs 177

Here’s an Ocean tug I left out of yesterday’s post . . . one of the Trois Rivieres’ fleet, Andre M.  She has a distinguished past as the former Foundation Valiant, of the company made famous in Farley Mowat’s classics Grey Seas Under and The Serpent’s Coil. Svitzer moved into Montreal recently, named one tug for the […]

Tugboat Race 2015 in

. . . the Detroit River, an international race.  See my post here from four years ago for this quite eclectic set of boats. Sheila Kaye and Josephine, J. M. Westcott II, R & R, Jessie T, and more. I wonder if there’s ever a chance of getting a higher horsepower class to arrive some year as […]


Everlast, she’s huge, and once again she outran me out of Oswego harbor.  But since she’s headed no doubt to the Sarnia area, maybe my friends near Detroit will get some good pics.

Canal Mouth

No . . . it’s not a disease or a euphemism for profanity.  It’s many places, one of which is marked by this lighthouse in Oswego.  All these photos were taken since Tuesday in Oswego, a place I previously wrote about here last year after watching a drill that involved swimming from and to a helicopter. […]

Boundary Waters

The light was present for LCM-8010 and Sarah Desgagnes, but  . . . my white whale . . . Everlast . . . passed at 0300, which made for a not very interesting photo. Ah . . . failure breeds persistence.