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Stormy 2 Evening

Foto by Hugh McCallion.  Pier 25 Manhatan.  Three hours til high tide and not much pier left for Pegasus and Harvey to rise. Also pre-high tide on Rockaway, and water washing sand over the boardwalk onto Shore Front Parkway, finally justifying the name “sandy.” Thanks to Hugh, Pam, and Barbara for the fotos. Prayers for safety […]

Random Tugs 246

Maybe I haven’t been paying attention, but it seems Amy C McAllister‘s  been out of the sixth boro a while.  May it reflects that I have… A bit later Evening Tide passed, crossing the imaginary line between the ice-encrusted 9 and the WTC1. Amy C left eastbound again . . . Eventually Evening Tide did […]

Weather 11

Here are the previous weather posts.  Below . . . that’s easy:  it’s a local shower;  Evening Tide and Evening Light were in the rain, and I was not, yet. But a half hour later at the opposite end of the KVK, the clouds were truly wild.  Is there a word for these conditions?  Again, […]

Random Tugs 219

Suppose we go back to “random tugs 2,” which was 10 years and two and a half months ago.  What might be the same?  Answer follows.  These photos I took last week.  Alex and Capt. Brian were not around when I did the #2 post. Craig Eric Reinauer was, but the barge RTC 103 likely […]

Barges 2

Barges “1” was years ago.  And here are previous posts that in some way focus on some sort of barge.  But the two photos below, which I took in May, prompt this post.  I can’t identify this Bouchard barge, but look at the size of the yard worker in comparison. It’s quite likely this is […]

SUNY Maritime Summer Sea Term Day 1

You saw it here back in October as well as here just almost exactly a year ago at the start Summer Sea Term 2014.  More info on the itinerary here.  The first five photos come thanks to Jonathan Steinman and Rand Miller. Hell Gate does not often see vessels of this size and style.  For a […]

Random Tugs 134

On a cold winter’s morning, what’s going on in the harbor? The usual . . . .  Kathleen heads out with a scow, Eric R. Thornton muscles scrap, Evening Tide reconnects with an oil barge, Diane B disconnects from John Blanche for a spell, Joyce D. Brown heads out to a job, Red Hook, wreath […]

Random Tugs 105

OK . . . I fail here.  Which Moran and which McAllister are those in the Sunday morning chop? Quick post:  Shelby 1978. Evening Tide 1970. Jay Michael 1980 doing a re-enactment of my December 15, 2012 post here (scroll to third foto). Long time no see . . . Superior Service 1981. North Sea 1982. […]

Lunch at Arthur Kill

For a walking  lunch, the  crescent along the Elizabethport side of  Arthur Kill ‘s northeast end tip satifies.  It’s no picnic, but many worse places come to mind.  Yesterday I arrived, sandwich in hand, at 1:07, to catch Evening Tide headed for Newark Bay following Evening Mist.  1:09 By 1:32 I had reached the end of […]

A Day in the Boro

Sunrise on the last day of August:  Comet heads south across the upper bay.  Forecast is for the upper  90s. By 7 am, it’s already getting warm;  Evening Mist heads over toward Red Hook. 8 am Vale departs KVK, where Torm Sofia remains docked. Here’s a surprise:  farther into KVK out beyond Doris Moran and […]