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Random framing here, no need for assistance, as that flag might suggest. Ardelle has been one of my favorites since she was launched from Burnham’s yard in Essex over a decade ago.  But this was my first time to see her schoon about.  The Burnhams have been building schooners since forever.  If he’s not building […]

Retro Sixth Boro 20

November 2009 saw the USS New York (LPD-21) arrive in her namesake city for christening commissioning. Just faintly, the name is visible on the stern. I also went up to the Lyons NY dry dock in November 2009 and caught Urger, then in seasonal layup. Five years were to go by before I did my […]

Something Different 54 a

Sailing ships in bottles . .  . here are a few by Alex Bellinger. I’ve heard them called “patience bottles” and “impossible bottles.” But how many of these have you seen, tugs in bottles? Alex, whom I’ve know for 30 years, writes:  “the tugs are for my  older brother, who worked on tugs out of […]

Retro Sixth Boro 14

I hope you all are enjoying these glances back a decade as much as I enjoy putting them together.  If you weren’t paying attention back then, this hints at how much the traffic in the harbor has changed, just as it has on the roads.  If you were watching back in spring 2009, you might […]

Essex-built Schooner and the Huge Gray Haze

With a tip of the hat  to Hildegarde Swift and Lynd Ward, the title that came to mind as I shot these, and you’ll see why by the end.  See the road signs up there intended for drivers on the Triboro Bridge? Rewarding my wait, it’s Jaguar towing Highlander Sea into the Gate, past the […]

Port of Gloucester 2

Visiting Gloucester for me is always restorative.  Here are a few more photos I took Saturday and Sunday of Artemis,  Full Moon,  and Adventure.  That’s a great sequence of names! Last fall she was sailing with some food cargo here.  And if I had an editor, that editor would be unhappy, because yesterday I suggested […]

Ports of the Boothbays

I may need some correction here, but it appears Boothbay Harbor is an entity different than Boothbay, and there’s an East and West Boothbay as well.  It’s sort of like the Hamptons in NY and the Oranges in NJ, I suppose.  Anyhow, I saw the scene below in Boothbay harbor and I realized I’d located […]

More Sailing Cargo

Click here for previous posts on SAILing cargo.  You may recall the vessel Ceres, which moved cargo from Vermont to NYC two years ago and which this summer suspended those efforts. The sailing vessel below–credit to Stefan Edick– is the venerable schooner Adventure.  Built in 1926 in Essex MA, she doryfished for three decades before times forced several re-invention. […]

Road Fotos 24

I lived near Cape Ann for most of the last 15 years of the 20th century,  and have to get back now and then. Few places in the US are as connected to the water as Cape Ann, whether it be churches in Gloucester,  small business icons in Rockport, or National Endowments for the Arts […]

Road Fotos 25

Three years ago I did posts about wooden vessels and names while in the greater Cape Ann area.  This time what struck me was the variety of vessels in this small but intensely important peninsula.  Essex Shipbuilding Museum is always “must stop there” . . . and make a donation if you wish.  Essex has […]