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Equinox 5b

Given the glorious sunshine, the transition from summer to fall begs another series.  Let’s start with Maule,  2/3s of her escort, and a fraction of her crew. Following in Maule‘s wake, Helsinki Bridge arrives, here with half its escort. McKinley Sea traverses the Upper Bay and passes UBC Mobile. In the harbor was Cordula Jacob and […]

Equinox 5

Today’s a good day to return to this series I had going for a few years and now return to.  More Chrononauts in the next few days… But first, this vessel bringing in my favorite celebratory drink. The fabulous September weather has allowed this project to rush to completion.  Remember, tomorrow in early afternoon she goes on […]

Equinox 4

My intended title here was something like “….so I thought I’d get out early this morning and take some fotos of the harvest moon setting, but the morning arrived all foggy in the sixth boro…”  but that would have been been too long, even though everything I just said is true. Practically the first thing […]

Equinox 3b

Literally it means “equal night.”   NOX has lots of associations.  More Hestia soon, I promise. Half-half symmetricality, or almost so; dark and light . . .  river and land . . .  fog and clarity; summer cedes the stage to fall. Time to think of harvests, baskets, thanksgiving;  Sam Plimsoll marked just how full […]

Equinox 3

Napeague Stretch , early March 2009, KVK, early March 2009, a glazed Bruce A. McAllister, farther east on KVK, early March 2009, a rimed Falcon, Elizabeth, NJ, February  2009, an Allie B lost in a snow squall and dreaming of Gibraltar , Coney Island, June 2008, mermaid paraders reflecting on past ice and snow for […]

Equinox 2

Of course, I prefer the spring equinox, but whatever other associations you have with the transition from summer to autumn, you can’t deny the twilights have special color.  Bernie of Working Harbor Committee took this one of Maryland at sunset last week. I took this dawn foto of Morgan Reinauer last week, and this one […]

Spring Equinox

It‘s past, but that means winter’s start was a quarter year back and summer’s start is less than three months away. Oh, that’s Marie J. Turecamo above. Check out Brian’s fotos from Operation Christmas Cheer 2007 here. Photo, WVD.


The exact crossing time is long past already, but who’s to complain as we head toward the summer solstice. My familiar is ecstatic.     And my recollection of the dancers at Coney Island last summer solstice was that they were equally ecstatic. Let’s spring!!

New Harleys and Older

Wrangell, Alaska is almost 7000 sea miles from New York. Harley does have a number of fleets, but the Olympic fleet seems to have arrived in the sixth boro this month.   Ernest Campbell (1969) is one of several tugs that have retained the last name of the previous owner. C. F. Campbell (1975) is another. The […]

More Fishing Tugs 6

Happy fall equinox.  This seems as good a time as any to honor Poseidon with a photo parade of more fish tugs, to really challenge a segue. . . as is grouping Lady Kate with fishing tugs.  It appears she was built as passenger vessel G. A. Buckling II back in 1952, and is wearing […]