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East River Mystery 5

Here are the previous installments. Rare as it is to see a chemical tanker traverse the East River, there’s no mystery about this vessel’s identity…  Ginga Lion.  For outatowners, the bridge goes by Koch Bridge, 59th Street Bridge, or Queensboro Bridge. These photos were taken last Wednesday–October 21–by Jonathan Steinman, frequent contributor of photos from along […]

East River Mystery 4

Here are previous posts in this series. And this set comes from Mike Abegg, whose photos have been used here previously.   Check this out.  All I know about the yellow vessel is that it looks like a Griffon 1000TD. Anyone know the whences and whose . . . inquiring minds wish to know. Thanks to […]

East River Mystery 3

This foto arrived today by USPS mail, and I’m eager to learn details I do not know.  I’ll disclose details later.  Clearly it’s the East River with stacks where they no longer stand.  Just to the left of the Chrysler Building, the skyscraper now known as Met Life  still carries the Pan Am name, and […]

East River Mystery 2

The East River is a helluva strait, literally, if you head east through Hell Gate and between South and North Brother Islands.  The Brothers were not only the site of infectious diseases hospitals (ruins of which are visible on the SoBro pix here and more on this in a later post)  but also of the […]

East River Sight to Behold 2

The sixth boro tidal strait typical known as the East River, surrounded as it is by impressive urbanity, is nonetheless a significant waterway.  These photos today come from Jonathan Steinman, as did these of Ginga Lion, a 507′ loa vessel. But Jonathan was surprised–as was I when I got his photos– to see ATB Freeport travel through […]

East River Delights 4

Here were 1,  2, and 3.  Looking back, my favorite of those three is number 1.  So what are the delights of the East River, other than my longstanding fixation on this aggregate carrier . . . ? Well, clearly I’m not the only one who recognizes how delightful Alice’s presence in the sixth boro […]

Mystery For Now

Excuse the teaser, but I’ve a lot to process here.  I’ll identify this vessel tomorrow, and give proper thanks, but for now, can you guess the vessel bearing this cryptic text? This house has been on this blog before, as seen from outside. I’d never imagined a pushbutton version of an engine order telegraph. If […]

Dutch Mystery 2

Thanks to Fred . . . (happy canaling soon) here are more shots of the erstwhile mystery ship less than five miles by air from the GW Bridge, true but misleading.   Thanks also to Dar, who located the unlocatable Evershed book, it’s a Groninger tjalk. How it got to the Hackensack, I’ve no clue. […]

East River Mysteries

You’ve seen some of the delights this non-river has to offer, here’s a mystery vessel I’ve seen twice, once at dusk and the other time just before a major thunderstorm. It has a black hull, natural wood superstructure, and twin masts complete with one set of shrouds. I’ve increased the contrast so that details are […]

Retro Sixth Boro 29

August can be hazy, and it appears that some August days in 2010 were, as below when Colleen McAllister towed dredge spoils scow GL 501 out and Brendan Turecamo (?) moved Bouchard barge B.No. 260 westbound in the Kills.  Colleen has now traveled from sun to ice out to the Great Lakes, where the 1967 […]