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East River Delights 5

Here are previous posts in this series. These photos come thanks to Jonathan Steinman, who keeps vigil on the East River.  Here, he reports from a week ago, “construction of Rockefeller University’s River Campus continues apace … see Susan Miller guiding a barge and crane into position.” While the day passes, Paul Andrew (?) comes by […]

East River Delights 4

Here were 1,  2, and 3.  Looking back, my favorite of those three is number 1.  So what are the delights of the East River, other than my longstanding fixation on this aggregate carrier . . . ? Well, clearly I’m not the only one who recognizes how delightful Alice’s presence in the sixth boro […]

East River Delights 3

…or maybe just snapshots. During a late afternoon 15-minute margarita down by Pier 17, who happened past but   my old friend John B. Caddell, star of several previous posts,   It had just passed SCI Kiran at Red Hook container port.   Of course NY Water Taxi is always passing, as is SeaStreak, hydroplaning–literally–in […]

East River Delights 2

This has to be the strangest dinner boat in the harbor. It’d be as odd to see a Citroen DS in the Daytona 500. Now I always knew these were called bateau mouche in French, but I assumed that since “mouche” means “fly,” as in the pesky type you shoo away, I thought there was […]

East River Delights

Expected sights on the East River include tugs and barges, small private sail and motor boats, yellow water taxis, and sludge tankers. But it’s the unusual that delights me; it’s one of my reasons to live in New York City. Who would expect a float plane to operate regularly off the East River? Who would […]

Sixth Boro Random Delights 7

Actually, this is a reprise of a post I did earlier this week . . .  Ferry Coursen carried trucks.  Mary H pushed a creek-size barge. Winter fishing continued apace aboard Eastern Welder. I got a close-up of Mary H. Brendan Turecamo headed out for an assist. A slightly different angle on Sorensen Miller shows […]

East River Mysteries 2

The non-river called East River conveys and engulfs much. Early in this blog’s life I posted of delights; traffic I’ve seen and not foto’d include a house on a barge and several terrapins. I caught a novelty last week: stern first and escorted by Heidi Roehrig and Bering Sea, this Navy hulk moved westbound on […]

North River Delights

Surprised I was when I first heard the Hudson as it flows through a portion of the sixth borough referred to as the North River. References exist aplenty though. It both alludes to the East River and describes historic boundaries of the Dutch colony that extended from the North River to the South River aka, […]

East River Mysteries

You’ve seen some of the delights this non-river has to offer, here’s a mystery vessel I’ve seen twice, once at dusk and the other time just before a major thunderstorm. It has a black hull, natural wood superstructure, and twin masts complete with one set of shrouds. I’ve increased the contrast so that details are […]

Whatzit 36

Thanks to a friend, I learned this morning what this is.  But I’ll give you an opportunity until the end of this post to ponder it as I did. I’m guessing that since I’ve been paying attention to other soon-to-happen non-routine events in the harbor like the loading of Peking (more on that at the […]