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Ports of the Boothbays

I may need some correction here, but it appears Boothbay Harbor is an entity different than Boothbay, and there’s an East and West Boothbay as well.  It’s sort of like the Hamptons in NY and the Oranges in NJ, I suppose.  Anyhow, I saw the scene below in Boothbay harbor and I realized I’d located […]

1 East River Myst. Solved

Many thanks to Norm from Maine who identified a vessel I’ve wondered about since I caught it–below–just before a thunderstorm last summer. See this link for a much better shot/enlarged too of Black Knight, built 1958 by Goudy & Stevens in Boothbay, Maine, loa 75’x19’x8′.   So, fantastic . . . here’s an unidentified black-hulled […]

Retro Sixth Boro 41

These photos I took back in September 2011. This boat became Bouchard Boys and is now in Red Hook waiting to be repainted as Stasinos Boys.  She’s 100′ x 31′ and 3900 hp. North Sea has had many owners;  currently she’s Sause Brothers North Sea out of Portland OR.   She’s 120′ x 34′ vessel with […]

Tale of 2 or 3 Canal Tugs 1

DeWitt Clinton was built in the 1920s, delivered before the crash. She came out of a shipyard in East Boothbay, I’m told, but I can find no record of this.   Here she was in Lockport in early October 2014. Here is a view from the wheelhouse, and another from a slightly different vantage point. […]

Really Random Tugs 31

Yesterday’s post led with Jared S aka Cheyenne II, and so I’m grateful to Jason LaDue for sending along a photo he took before she sank into the Genesee River, where she still lies. This next photo was taken by Renee Lutz Stanley, recently, as Pelham assisted the dead but lively Frying Pan to Caddell for some […]

Whitherward 5

Loretta B Moran is not yet ready for a christening, but the shell leaves little to the imagination.  Stuart Pate took these a few weeks back at the Washburn Doughty & Associates yard up in East Boothbay, Maine. Looking at these newbuilds prompts some questions:  How many tugboats* are there in the world?  How many […]

Government Boats 12

When tugs race on Sunday, government boats will officiate.  Here are a few players. When Liberty IV splashed into her element in 1989 at the Washburn & Doughty yard in East Boothbay, ME, she began a career that she still occupies:  to ferry Park Service employees and supplies from the “mainland” to several stops in the sixth […]

A to P 10: People Carriers

Tuira II anchors west of Perico. Different sites related to Canal and Bay Tours say this boat was built by Wiley Manufacturing of Port Deposit MD, makers of sixth boro’s Patricia,  Norfolk’s Hoss, and Erie Canal’s Capt Alix, but Wiley history doesn’t reflect this.  Any help? Also in the Canal and Bay Tours fleet is this […]

Really Random Tugs 30

Really random means just that . . . and here are previous posts in the series. So–thanks to Harry Thompson– let’s start with this assemblage . . . barge Amy B, Evelyn assist on the far side, but prominent is the 1941 Bushey built Jared S–ex-Cheyenne II, Sally Carroll, and Martin J. Kehoe. The closest I […]

Virgin Tugboat 4

Whenever I see a silhouette like this under the Brooklyn Bridge, I suspect it’s a fairly new tugboat.  Today was no exception. I’m guessing she was launched just before the Sandy event. Annabelle Dorothy Moran, welcome to the sixth boro.   The last new Moran vessel I caught travesing the port was Mark Moran (last […]