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First, you will notice a new icon “button” on the left.  It’s a harborcam for Giglio port with live feed showing salvage efforts. The last time subs appeared on this blog they were antiques, John P. Holland’s prototypes.  The monochromatic tube below encircled by the unmistakeable yellow/orange Edison Chouest tugs 2, 3, and 4 is […]

Dusk or Dawn

Credit for this fabulous Long Island Sound shot goes to John Dupee. So what part of the day is it? And how about this one? Oh, answers below. And this . . . and this? Some shots have definite geographical and other clues. And finally this one off southern Massachusetts? Answer is (dawn first two; […]


First two fotos thanks to John Dupee . . . barges and cranes can be beautiful as well as functional and tireless like this tow at daybreak approaching the Williamsburg bridge with a light dusting of snow. Barge Hartford, pushed by Juliet Reinauer, has two feet of freeboard, and later will look like Lisa, light […]

More Bloxom

I mean the title here as “I’d love to see more Bloxom.” John Dupee took this shot of Bloxom from the waterside, Franz Von Riedel took the one at this link from another water angle, and standing on the bank, I took the one below. Doesn’t smoke appear to be leaving the stack? Bloxom (aka […]

Puddings 1

Unrelated: I updated info on my “about” page. I’ve already decided this is “1” of several on this photogenic topic, thanks to a comment posted by John Dupee a few weeks ago, who provided the origin of the term as “puddening [Probably fr. pudden, for pudding, in allusion to its softness.] (Naut.) (a) A quantity […]