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From the Line Locker 29

First, see these three photos from 2009 with updates.  I passed by this spot in Seaford DE this past week . . . on a mission, and the former Flagship Nanticoke Queen restaurant is no more.  Only a graded lot remains where the USS McKeever Brothers (SP-683) WW1 patrol and minesweeper vessel and fishing boat […]

Other Peoples Photos 83

This series I use to feature others’ photos that are different from what I typically shoot, different in either location or perspective or subject.  I am very grateful to you, readers,  when you send these photos in. David Silver sent this in just yesterday, taken in Norfolk. Down in Norfolk, Mike Vinik and Rhino had […]

Welcome Comfort 2

I could also call this “other peoples photos” but here is yesterday’s arrival of the hospital ship as seen from three friends’ perspectives. Phil Little took this, and referred to it as his Normandy landing shot, an appropriate name given that this asset, arriving with a large support group, marks a surge, a counteroffensive against […]

Exotics Convergence

Polling has not yet ended, the clock goes on for two more days now, since I got a bunch of votes last night. With all certainty, though, polls will close on December 21 . . .  earlier if two days elapse without a single new vote.  Your votes and suggestions –in comments and in emails–have […]

Thanks to David Silver 3

All All but one of the photos in this post come from David Silver, assigned as a cadet this summer on a Maersk vessel going halfway around the world and back.  He departed Port Elizabeth on May 21.  This post follows his voyage, focusing on what someone like me–mostly fixed–doesn’t see. May 24.  Charleston.  Mark Moran. […]

Summer Training 1

Type the word training into the search window to the left on this page and you’ll get a variety of posts, as here.  And truth be told, many other options exist for summer training and sea time for ocean academy students;  I met cadets from at least three on my “go west” trip.  Yesterday David […]

Thanks to David Silver 2

Here’s the first in this series.   David sent me some photos earlier this week and offered to write the commentary as well.  Hence the quotation marks. “Marie J. Turecamo steam harmlessly through the harbor.” “James Turecamo makes a splash as she heads towards the Kill.” Lincoln Sea sits patiently in the notch of the […]

Thanks to David Silver

Resolute and her crew set a new speed record for the course.  Thanks to David Silver and a recording he made  in the wheelhouse during the race, you too can experience those five exhilarating minutes.  Double click on the foto below to hear it all. David, thanks much.

Other Peoples Fotos 29

All these photos come from bowsprite, who is known to scale the cliffs and trees of lower Manhattan to photograph and sketch the ships go by.  From auspicious time to time, she shares her photos with me, as she did recently. Northbound . . . Stad Amsterdam in formation with a sludge tanker. This past Sunday […]

Nola Traffic 1

I’m deep in the “fog of travel,” a phrase I learned from David Hindin.  So only the facts, here: Crescent’s Alabama. Marquette’s Blake Denton and Ingram Barge’s David G. Sehrt, sporting her triple stacks. Silver Fox motivated (I think) by Todd G. BW Havis, as seen from Algiers. Bisso’s Capt. Bud Bisso. Greg Turecamo. Ralph […]