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Dace Reinauer

This photo by John Curdy shows Dace Reinauer as she looked some time before 2008. I took the rest of these photos, including the one below showing the same boat in October 2009.  The next one was May 2014, early November in Narragansett Bay post-modification and during sea trails and taken by Rod Smith, and here was […]

Retro Sixth Boro NYC Tugboat Races 5

Call this “thanks to Steve Munoz 20:  the 9th Annual North River Tugboat Race September 2, 2001.”   As Steve writes,  “The tug race on 9/2/2001 was  nine days before 9/11/2001. I was on board the tug Janet M McAllister for the race. My son was on board a Seabulk oil tanker docked in Bayonne […]

Random Tugs 296

The sixth boro, like any location, offers infinite perspectives, compounded by equally countless nuance of season, hour, weather, and activity variation.  This view of Kimberly in the stalls at Caddells the other day differs considerably from the dynamic ones of the past 18 months. Kust a few days different but quite different location and atmospherics […]

Last Monthly Photos 2019

For your quick peruse today, I offer the inverse of yesterday’s post:  I went to my archives and selected the LAST photo of something water-related each month of 2019. So if that photo was a person or an inland structure, I didn’t use it;  instead, I went backwards … until I got to the first […]

Winds of November 2

I didn’t hear any wind speeds for yesterday, but it was blowing . . . winds of November according to the date, but fortunately not a November witch. Chem Wolverine scudded through the Bay, Kings Point went on with her routine, Gabby Miller returned to home base, Joyce aimed for the Kills, Mister T slung […]

Random Tugs 242

I sometimes refer to a golden hour, but recently I heard someone talk about the “blue” hour, when the sun is still or already below the horizon.  The light is dramatic in both, or through that whole continuum, as seen here. Fort McHenry heads east . . . as does Amy Moran, who technically is […]

Random Tugs 196

Name that tugboat? Or this one? Or these two?  Answer follows. Enjoy the rest of these for what they are . . . Bruce A. McAllister above and Fort McHenry below. Meredith C. Reinauer on a sunny but cold morning.   Ready for the answers on the first three? Well, the first was Kimberly Poling, […]

Go West 1

By 1330 Tuesday, we docked at West Point, the first non-red pushpin in yesterday’s map.   Working backward, we saw Tappan Zee II at the TZ, as we did the Left Coast Lifter. Off the Palisades, we saw Sarah D; in Wallabout Bay, C. Angelo; at the southern end of Narragansett Bay, Dace Reinauer; and […]

Random Tugs 159

If you have a lot of free time, you can trace this back to the first installment. These photos are all from the past week, starting out with Bouchard Boys, 1975. Pelham, 1960.  Behind her is USNS Red Cloud. Barney Turecamo (1995) and   Scott Turecamo (1998). Eric R. Thornton (1960) Jill Reinauer (1967) and Dace […]

Port Richmond

November, port month on tugster, ends here, making this GHP&W 30.  Here’s how the month began.  One thing I learned putting together this post is that Port Richmond and Mariner’s Harbor appear not to share a border, at least according to the wikipedia map.  Between the western edge of Port Richmond and the eastern edge of […]