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Barge Canal Miscellany

My approach to reporting on the archives so far has been to sort the images there, as you noticed if you’ve been following along.   This follows a different tack:  a set of photos I wasn’t sure where to sort.  First, a July 1920 photo showing excursion steamer Ossian Bedell and steamer/barge Saratoga in Buffalo […]

Retro Sixth Boro (and beyond) 30

In fall 2010, deepening dredging was happening in the sixth boro to prepare for the ULCVs now so commonplace here,  after Panama Canal enlargement and Bayonne Bridge raising. These operations afforded me the chance to see a cutterhead close up.  The crewman wielding the hammer was trying to loosen a worn tooth.   By the way, […]

New Yorker

Photos will be forthcoming in this post;  I’m just using unusual formatting deliberately. Ponder this:  what association do you have with the phrase “new yorker”, not “new york or ny”? person? personality? quality or lack thereof? place? thing? publication? There are no right or wrong answers here. time period? business maybe? I repeat . . […]

Retro Sixth Boro 29

August can be hazy, and it appears that some August days in 2010 were, as below when Colleen McAllister towed dredge spoils scow GL 501 out and Brendan Turecamo (?) moved Bouchard barge B.No. 260 westbound in the Kills.  Colleen has now traveled from sun to ice out to the Great Lakes, where the 1967 […]

A to P 5: Whole Lotta Dredging

The “enlargement” of the Panama Canal involved a lot of dredging in Panama, as well as in ports served by the Neopanamax ships:  deepening approaches, widening channels, and even eliminating islands in part or whole in Gatun Lake.  I put the ” ” there because it’s more accurate to say “creating a third set of […]

More Cutterheads

Here’s GLDD’s cutter suction dredge Florida as seen from above the cutter head and from alongside.  I took the first three photos in this post. Here’s Weeks cutter suction dredge C. R. McCaskill,  with Sea Wolf serving as a tender. USACE E. A. Woodruff was built in 1873 and worked the Ohio. Technically, I think Woodruff was […]

Go West 4, 5, and 6

To clarify this title, the first post in the series has a lead photo showing a map of our journey broken into legs marked by pins.  Legs 4 through 6 took us from Waterford, shown below, to Oswego. Urger stood by all spiffed up for the steamboat festival.   Erie Canal Cruises accommodated sightseers eastbound toward […]

Sans Cutterhead

Twenty thousand feet under the sea? well . . . maybe just some marine equipment in a drydock. Oh!  This is Caddell’s Drydock #1, which you saw enter the harbor here just five months ago. And this is Weeks Marine R. S. Weeks, with an unmistakeable ladder–the part that works while submerged.  Click here to […]

Sixth Boro Details 5

Here was 4. And this . . . is the cutterhead ladder of C. R. McCaskill. Looking generally northward from Fort Wadsworth, from nearer to farther . .  fishing boat, tanker, ATB,  ferry, and Jersey City. Catch the name of the approaching tanker running rinse through the anchor hawse . . . ? Chem Bulldog. […]

Whole Lotta Dredgin’ 11

Here and here are previous posts on a Rockaway Beach replenishment dredging operation that has now ended.   Sea Wolf is still local, but the vessel on the horizon (“atop” the red buoy) has now moved to southern NJ.  Remember, for most fotos, doubleclick enlarges. Weeks’ Trevor was assisting in this project. Also assisting was […]