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Call this Buffalo to Cleveland.  Starting out with the other half of the Erie Canal inaugural trip of DeWitt Clinton, yes there was a Buffalo ceremony too, and it wasn’t a wedding.  Rather, maybe it was the reception when they offered appeasement to the Lake gods. up the Buffalo river, it’s NACC Argonaut offloading at […]

Buffalo to Port Weller

BFD’s fireboat Cotter is always a high point of a Buffalo visit, a Crescent Shipyard 1900 (!!) Elizabethport NJ product, aka the world’s oldest active fireboat.  Headed west for Port Colborne, we’re treated to beauty over SteelWinds.  As darkness looms, JW Cooper arrives to drop off a pilot. Imagine my dismay passing MRC after dark, […]

Government Boats 44

I’ll identify this one in a bit, but try guessing?  Here’s the helm and the engine room.  It was re powered in 1952–3 and has proven its value in both fire and ice. While you ponder that–if you so choose–check out these related vessels.  I’m not sure the one below has a name. Curtis Randolph‘s […]

SS Columbia Waits

Not far from E. M. Cotter, the SS Columbia crew prepares for the next stage in the journey.  2015 and before had the project here, (with a clip of the actual arrival in Buffalo here) and last year I saw her from the Buffalo River here. Last month, I had the good fortune of a […]

Go West Leg 8 Details

I paddled up Buffalo River, and saw West Wind and a smaller twin screw, G-tugs Vermont and Washington,   and my goal . . . SS Columbia. Retracing my path, I had to pay respect to Edward M. Cotter, BFD and built in Elizabeth NJ. All photos by Will Van Dorp, who has no time […]

McClintic and Cotter Redux

Here’s a post I did on McClintic and another I did on Cotter. Today’s post comes out of a response I received yesterday from retired FDNY dispatcher and historian, Al Trojanowicz, who wrote, “The full photo is fire aboard SAUGUS, American Export Lines (1919) with fireboat WILLIAM F GAYNOR (1914) alongside, and a mystery vessel off to left.  […]

1906 Fireboat

If you’re wondering why December has brought a run on dates, i.e., years and numbers as part of titles, it’s classic and/or antique boat month. Sarah Elizabeth Banks, below, began life in the UK as SS Fire King.  In fact, it had a mate, SS Fire Queen, now long scrapped.  Today, it’s a yacht owned by […]

Ports on Oneida Lake 2

These photos were taken November 16, 2015, with temperatures in the 50s and no wind.  Obviously, mid-November is not always so ideal for this operation.  In fact, photos on the boat showed this work being done in 1992, with buoys heavily ice and snow covered. Here one crewman–let’s call him the signaler– radios the tug […]

Edward M. Cotter

Check out an ancient active duty fireboat in Buffalo . .  Edward M. Cotter, built in Elizabeth, NJ, in 1900.  After I got a few, the rain started and I had to retreat to Swannies for the best-ever buffalo wings, of course.  

Specialized 8

My 101st post crossed the 6000-reads mark yesterday. Thanks for all the reads. Now on to the next mark. For ceremony and celebration, let’s bring on the John J. Harvey. Harvey and her active duty siblings came out last June to celebrate Flag Day.   Some countries like Thailand have their water festivals; places like […]