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Congestion 5

Sometimes the sixth boro gets crowded, as you can see from these posts.  This post tries to show that, but keep in mind that foreshortening makes these vessels seem closer than they are–the two ships below are more than a mile apart.  Keep in mind also that a water channel is a dynamic medium, current […]

Congestion 4

A harbor, different parts of it, can be a crowded place.  Here are some previous posts called “congestion.” Kyoto Express left first, after my arrival, passing some icons during her exit. Ever Legion departed next, leaving the US-flagged Overseas Key West at the dock.   Seroja Enam, ex-APL Poland, was arriving but being followed. Meeting […]

Congestion 3

Here  are the two previous posts by this title, and more. Juxtaposed boats invite comparison, allow perception of subtle difference, here between Marion and Doris. It also gives a sense of the random traffic patterns, here about to pass the impatient Peking are (l to r) Michael Miller, Charles Burton, and way in the distance […]

Congestion 2

Here was the first time I used this title, which clearly needs to be used again. Let me start here at 13:38.  Note from far to near, or black hull to black hull . . . Cartagena, Four Sky with Lee T Moran, Red Hook, and Genco Knight. Twin Tube slides through the opening between […]


It’s Friday afternoon, and the Upper Bay seems congested . . .  Yano is being spun in the distance as McAllister Responder and McAllister Girls head east and Amy Moran enters the KVK. Around the same time, here’s a shot of work in the sixth boro bookending the Yano move between my favorite cutterhead and […]

Chicagoland Tugs

I’m a bit late with this, but click on the image below for a Professional Mariner article by Will Van Dorp on Middle River Marine, a company that helps take trucks out of the congestion in Chicago. For a sense of what I mean by CAWS, click on the map below for context. Beyond that […]

Assists 6

Here goes another 3-fer, three cargo vessels making their way again through the KVK simultaneously.  JRT here at dawn assists orange juice carrier Orange Blossom 2 through the ConHook Range. Jonathan C passes in front of them, returning from assisting another vessel now bound for sea. Right behind the juice carrier is a box ship. […]

Assists 5

Pushing and shoving  . . . are they different in this context with 3000 hp concentrated in the right location? New steel and recycled name . . . Torm Hilde, the 114,000 dwt tanker in port recently, got spun around in the KVK by Kimberly and JRT. Torm Hilde is one of the largest tankers […]

“Sixth Boro”

I use the phrase to refer to the waters that link the five terrestrial boros (or boroughs) that comprise New York City as well as immediate adjoining waters.  Of course, “adjoining waters” includes all the non-landlocked waters on the planet . . .  more than 70% of the “Earth.”    I coined this usage of […]

Panama Day 2.2

I had planned something different, and this foto is certainly NOT great, but . . . what it shows is River Wisdom  Qingdao, China-bound and Duncan Island Red Hook, Brooklyn, USA-bound.  They’re passing each other at sea level Pacific side just “south” of the Miraflores locks. Here was River Wisdom about a half hour earlier.  […]