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Errant Ferry 2

Here was the first in this series.  I’d also thought of this as prodigal ferry.  Strangely enough, the Staten Island ferries travel all the way to Colonna Shipyard in Norfolk for maintenance.   Towed by Eileen McAllister, Molinari returned this morning.  Note the twin lights near Sandy Hook in the background. Standing by here, it’s Charles […]

Last Hours 2015

One of my (formerly) secret heroes is Guy Noir, secret because I may be revealing too much about myself in admitting that.  But life’s too short to care about drivel like that.   Noir has an office on the 20th floor of the Acme Building in a “city that knows how to keep its secrets,” […]

Errant Ferry

You’ve heard about Flat Stanley and Carmen Santiago?    So, let’s play . . . errant ferry, Staten Island ferry (SIf) in particular.  We’ve seen a SIF here, here, and here . ..  so thanks to Birk Thomas, enjoy these new installments.   Where is this? Well  . . .  the location is the Chesapeake, […]

Caption Contest #2

With 29.2% of the votes cast, 7 votes out of 24, the grand winner of the first caption contest is . . . Buck . . . whose caption was “The GPS said this was the fastest route!”  Great job, Buck, and thanks to all for submitting captions and to all of you for voting […]

Meditations R

R . . . rare sights in this fascinating place called the sixth boro and its surrounding waters.  First rare foto comes thanks to Jed:  clearly it’s a Staten Island ferry, but the question is where.  Answer below. Next . . . of course it’s the Samuel S. Coursen aka Governor’s Island ferry.  But . […]