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Cold Steamin’ 3

Here was 2.  Floating ice has started to arrive in the Upper Bay, where I might get to tomorrow, but in the Kills . . . it’s clinging ice.  The vessel beyond the #9 is Asphalt Eagle. A Vane unit travels eastbound on the KVK. Tankers of sizes from BW Amazon to Capt. Log go […]

Cold Steamin’ 2

Note: listing Sichem Defiance fotos at end of post. Last week on New Year’s Eve I had on two T-shirts in the 66 degrees; three days later the temperature there dropped to 17, warmer than it was this morning in New York’s sixth boro.  But does that stop work? No way! Torm Margarethe arrives and Doris […]

Cold Steamin’

Good friends moved to Fairbanks in January; their first week there they faced -40 Fahrenheit. It’s been a mild cold spell in New York, by contrast.   Below is a close up of what the cold does to the salty water of Arthur Kill over by Howland Hook the other day. Check out the Moran […]

Cold Sailin’

Call this “Destination: Jersey City,” if you wish. Or call it an experience with a signed piece of art, performance art. No steamin‘ allowed. Performance was enhanced by a half ton of steel added to the keel of … Rosemary Ruth, as seen by a click here in warmer weather. But temperatures below freezing no […]