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Random Tugs 250

To continue on from yesterday’s list . . . I’ve done chugster, jetster, even a gangster . . . though you have to search for it here by scrolling a bit,  but the blog is called tugster, and I’m proud of that some chuckles notwithstanding . . . . This is a cross section for […]

Something Different 36 a

Twenty years ago . . . 1998 . . .  I had a “weatherproof” film camera I used to create evidence of all the hiking I was doing, vistas I enjoyed, and camps I woke up in;  I lived in Haverhill MA, a three-hour shot up to the White Mountains Friday afternoon when I got […]

Chugster 4

In case you’re wondering if this blog has gone adrift . . . I’ll just plead solstice-ogling syndrome.  Why stay on course when a grape popsicle 1949 Mercury oozes by like this, and it’s tickling your tastebuds and it’s for sale, although I did not ask any particulars. Only at the mermaid parade could you […]

Truckster! 4

Well, the boss called and said he wanted an old truck to restore, you know to make like new.  Great mechanical condition, great paint job . . . you know. I’d love to see this William Walter truck back to its former glory. The boss was calling me tweeting me at all hours of the […]

Chugster 3

The parrot on my shoulder has started informing me the market cannot bear much more of these old jalopies, so here’s the last installment for now.  Speaking of jalopies, that’s a word I deliberately chose not to use until now.  Anyone know the origin of this word? The vehicle below . . . puzzles me […]

Chugster 2

Chugging right along from yesterday’s post . . . I’m recalling my visits in recent years to a certain junkyard not far from I-75 in Georgia . . . . of course I Today’s post will start out right in front of the office of the captain of the port, here’s the view of the port from across […]

Chugster 1

Back in 2011 on my way back from my daughter’s wedding in Georgia, I passed through Key West aka the Conch Republic, and while there, of course, I couldn’t help stopping at Fort Jefferson on Dry Tortugas, where here, I wrote about first hearing of “chugs” and seeing one. Given that and given the fact that […]

Port of Cienfuegos

Here are many previous posts in this series.  If you have photos of a port I’ve not yet featured, please send them along. Today’s port might be one you’ve not heard of.  To tell the truth, neither had I until I had the opportunity to sail into it.  Faro Luna marks the east end of […]