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Christmas Eve on the KVK

Having seen the forecast for December 25, I did my watch on Christmas eve.    These are the latest sunrises of the entire cycle . . . photo taken around 0745, and the sky was still reddish and offering very little light.   Fort McHenry and survey boat Christina cross. Yes, Christina . . . namesake you […]

Merry Christmas 2018

Full disclosure . . . I’m not feeling much festive this year personally.  So maybe it’s my own wary eye that leads to my seeing so few wreaths on boats, maybe it’s just this lingering head cold. But it warmed my heart to see them, like here on Pegasus, and ditto on Alex McAllister.   […]

Merry Christmas 2017

Well, the season is wrong and the implement over the right shoulder belies merriment, but the hat and beard are almost right . . . The colors here are festive, but  . . . it’s not right. Floating here in a TowBoatU.S. water sled “pushed” by 150 horses past Boldt Castle . . . or […]

Merry Christmas 2016

Tugster feels so very blessed this year that I’m recognizing the top gift boat in the sixth boro.  If NYC ever decided to have a water-borne symbol of gift-giving season, the most appropriate boat for the elf to ride would HAVE to be this one.  See all the packages, wrapped sensibly, on the deck?  While […]

Twelve Tides of Christmas

Notice the Village Voice icon has disappeared.  Tugster didn’t get their nod.  Thanks for voting.  Although it would have been nice to win, winning is not why I blog. You know the song;  I decided to adapt it like this. “On the first tides of Christmas, my true loves spoke to me . . . […]

Operation Christmas Cheer 2008 II

The Nemo-deer figurehead had led us to midpoint in the KVK before the fuel soured in the engine, and Kristy Ann Reinauer (shown here with Stephen last summer over by the AK Bridge) offered a tow to a quicker safer anchorage over where futile calls for assistance led nowhere when the dispatcher for a certain […]

Operation Christmas Cheer 2008

Getting Geraldina ready for Operation CC this year meant doing the checklist:  engine–fluids fine and warmed up, safety equipment–aboard and accessible, VHF–triple redundancy, tides & weather–OK … bow pudding installed by elves Gary and Brian, checked and approved by Portside‘s founder Carolina Salguero aka Nemodeer, who explained the mission to Brittany Oat,’s intrepid reporter, […]

Operation Christmas Cheer

Some folks work in the kitchen today; others fly planes, drives buses and trains, milk cows, sell last minute groceries, etc. Still others keep the harbor working. Some tug crews today were visited by elves bearing packages with cookies, pies, and fresh newspapers. Some packages travel over the bulwarks . . . and others come […]

Christmas Eve

At lunch today some friends dredged up a memory I want to write about. It may explain “tugster” and this blog. Earlier I disclosed that my parents, as immigrants, arrived in this country by ship from the Netherlands. As Dutch Calvinists whose adolescence coincided with Nazi occupation, not only could they not identify with North […]

Three Kings 2

I’d planned something else for today, but then I saw the tree!  See it on the bow of Pilot No 2 New Jersey?  And that reminded me it was Three Kings day, Epiphany.   The colors are always best when wind chills are biting.   Pilot No 2 and the smaller boat, America, went out as […]