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Other Peoples Photos 84

Timo Pajunen took this photo back in 2010.  Here are my questions for you:  whose livery?  what mission?  what was McArthur‘s original mission?  I’ll answer at the end of the post. Charles Ritchie took this.  Hawk YTL-153 has fine pedigree:   in 1941, she was built and launched in Pearl Harbor and was present during the […]

1944 DPC Tug

About a hundred of these were built during WW2, and according to this site . . . caveat emptor . .   , about 11 have been recently active, 4 of which in other countries. Tilly was among a dozen of the DPC tugs built in the Bronx.  Chris Roehrig, a former owner, sends along […]

Random Tugs 82

Na Hoku (“stars”  in Hawaiian) 1981, ex-Chris Candies.  Sunset Park in the background. Aegean Sea 1962 (ex-Francis  E. Roehrig, Jersey Coast, John Barker) Greenpoint in the background.  Click here for more Huxley Envelope/East River shots. Peter F. Gellatly.  Delivery exactly two years ago, 17 November, 2009.  Leaving Newark Bay and headed into the KVK, eastbound. James […]