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Great! Chesapeake Schooner Race 3

Why gild the lily?  I’ll just put up some of my favorites and number them.  If you so wish, comment and refer to the number.   I put number or caption ABOVE fotos because of how you scroll to read a blog.  Sultana will be 1.  Who is that figurehead? 2 3 4 5 6 […]

Great! Chesapeake Schooner Race 2

I post this as the race is approaching its finish; see live tracking at the bottom here. Twenty-fours hours ago Baltimore-based Chock WYTL-65602 was leaving Annapolis to go on station as pin boat 1 . . . the west side of the starting gate.  Pin boat here takes on a whole new meaning.  For a […]

Great! Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race 1

Raise the sails!  The race is on! Even the tugantine sails on to Norfolk now that starter cannon have fired and respects to the founder and tradition have been paid. Many more fotos tomorrow, but you can track the race here. All fotos by Will Van Dorp.  Many thanks to Capt. Terry Briggs for the […]

1893 Schooner

Six score lacking five years, and still awork as a school ship, it’s Lettie G. Howard, one of 4000 (yup!!) vessels built in tiny Essex, Massachusetts. In the first score of years of its life, Lettie‘s dorymen would fill her hold with Banks fish, then race them back to the fish market . . . to […]

North on Gallatin’s Ditches 8

The last leg for now goes from Newport to Warren RI, but given the favorable wind before the torrent, let’s watch those contemporaries who play in this N-Bay city with such a long colonial and post-colonial history. I’m quite unschooled about these speedsters, like the one showing her red belly.  A 12-meter, I suppose? Northbound […]

Tugster Retrospective 2012

My library for the time period  January 1, 2012 until today contains 11,244 fotos.  Starting from tomorrow, any 2012 fotos will be taken along the road.  So I decided to choose ONE foto per month, quite subjectively and without regard for this foto having previously been featured here.  I don’t claim these are the best […]

Small Craft 4

First, check “parrotlect flickrstream” along the left margin here for my favorite 45 fotos from the start of the Great Chesapeake Schooner Race last week.  I had posted some of them earlier, but put them up in the moment and without the benefit of my “foto-cleanup” tools. Here is the real predecessor for this post . […]

Autumn Sail 5

Late summer sail might look like this, Clipper City motorsailing up the Buttermilk Channel past Caribbean Princess, and early autumn sail like this: Gazela showing the flag in Oyster Bay.  The town dock here is roughly located in the former Jakobson yard, and that’s Growler and the Jakobson-built Deborah Quinn (1957, ex-W. R. Coe, Karen […]

Sixth Boro Random Delights 8

It was a rainy day and I was giving some friends a tour of the city,  intending to leave the camera in the waterproof bag . . . but how could I pass up a foto like this . . . “spring-showers” washed-out colors notwithstanding. Schooner Virginia was in town.  As of this writing, it’s […]

Puerto Rico 5

Quick post from San Juan after the better part of a good week in Vieques, where I first went two years ago.  Involved were ferries, scooters, horses, and lots of boats .  .  .   notable being schooner Virginia, last seen on tugster here in mid-October last year. . . foto 8. back in October.  At […]