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Random Tugs 312

It’s the season. I wonder if the Kimberly crew has marked other holidays and I missed it.  I did catch the red-clad guy almost a year ago. Mary H and her barge Patriot is likely headed for Newtown Creek.  The 1981 build, such a clean looking tug, has been working in the sixth boro for […]

Boxes on Ships

This is the time of year when boxes are moving every which way on land.  Delivery drivers for companies like FedEx and UPS work even longer hours on dark streets, especially here in the north.  Click here for a graph of global container ship capacity in seaborne trade since 1980.  How many containers exist worldwide? […]

Fog 18

Fog is fog is fog . . . I know.  And fog is just one type of weather condition.  But fog can be terrifying.  Some vessels passed within 500 feet of me yesterday, and I saw nothing, although I knew they were there because of their required CFR “prolonged blast at intervals of not more […]


or “marifly.”  These two tankers have called here for some years now, but I always wondered whether they were one and the same, given that their names refer to the same critter.  Maybe other vessels in the fleet have names like Paruparo and Borboleta.  Anchored over in Bay Ridge was Mariposa, while doing short-time in Bayonne […]

Random Tugs 164

I suppose I could call this RT 163b, since the photos in both were taken the same day, same conditions of light and moisture. Let’s start with Charles D. McAllister with Lettie G. Howard bare poles in the distance. Evelyn Cutler with Noelle Cutler is tied up alongside a barge with Wavertree‘s still horizontal poles. Click […]

Errant Ferry 2

Here was the first in this series.  I’d also thought of this as prodigal ferry.  Strangely enough, the Staten Island ferries travel all the way to Colonna Shipyard in Norfolk for maintenance.   Towed by Eileen McAllister, Molinari returned this morning.  Note the twin lights near Sandy Hook in the background. Standing by here, it’s Charles […]

EAGLE Closeup

Let me share photos from three Eagle visits in the past decade.  Here she arrives off the east end of Wall Street. Note the teams hauling on the docking line. Here she lies at anchor in 2011 with crew in the rigging doing work. And here are details I focused on earlier this week. To reiterate what I wrote yesterday,read Captain […]

Congestion 2

Here was the first time I used this title, which clearly needs to be used again. Let me start here at 13:38.  Note from far to near, or black hull to black hull . . . Cartagena, Four Sky with Lee T Moran, Red Hook, and Genco Knight. Twin Tube slides through the opening between […]

Random Tugs 120

This first foto is by a secret salt . . . showing Dory (1978) and Captain Zeke (1980) tandem towing  beach-lounging 125′ deck barge back onto the water. And  . . . attributed by the watermark . . . fotos from last week before Janus chilled the town,  Atlantic Conveyor gets an assist from Charles D. McAllister (1967). […]

Gallimaufry 3

. . . aka a jumble. I took the foto below of Stephen  L. Colby (St. Louis, MO-built, 1967, 144′ x 40′) on 1/4/2013 in Cairo, IL.  Yesterday, the boat sank into 14 feet of water farther north on the Mississippi. Below, s/v Concetta meets Charles D. McAllister (Jacksonville, FL, 1967, 94′ x 29′)  in late October. […]