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Chandra B 2

It appears I’ve not put up a batch of photos of this handy floating fuel station since here, but I’ll have to check the archives later today.  For now, these are photos of Chandra B and her hard-working crew I took last week.  Know the location? The two buildings through-lit by sunrise are Nouvel’s 100 Eleventh Avenue […]

Chandra B

You can call this “Capt. Log gone;  Chandra B arrived.”  Log out or log off . . . might work also.  Anyone know if Capt. Log, launched 1979 and retired at 0000 hrs on 1/1/15,  has sold and if so to whom?  Click here for a Professional Mariner article  on the vessel. But the real story […]

Small Tankers 2

Chandra B may be small in size, but she of the American Petroleum & Transport, Inc., is big in personality. And Emma Miller and Marine Oil Service, I’d like to know you better. Both small tankers here–one for fuel and the other for lube oil–seem often accompanied by birds.  I wonder why . . . All photos […]

Random Tugs 187

Thanks to Jonathan Steinman, who once a week has a moment to look out his window at work, here’s an angle on Kimberly Poling showing a weight bench just behind the wheelhouse.   In pleasant weather, that must make a great gym. Chandra B meets Morton Bouchard Jr with the Goethals Bridge–old and new–as backdrop. […]

Congestion 3

Here  are the two previous posts by this title, and more. Juxtaposed boats invite comparison, allow perception of subtle difference, here between Marion and Doris. It also gives a sense of the random traffic patterns, here about to pass the impatient Peking are (l to r) Michael Miller, Charles Burton, and way in the distance […]

Random Ships 51

I missed this one, but I saw it on AIS.  She used to be called Eagle Hope, but I’m thinking someone’s running out of names. I caught up with Alice though, here to discharge what she always does . . . aggregates. Denak Voyager waited in the anchorage at sunrise and before midmorning coffee, she […]

Random Traffic March 2016

I don’t actually go looking for parallel posts;  maybe it’s just that my brain thinks and eyes see in similar ways from one year to the next in March, but here and here are posts from exactly four years ago. Although this blog focuses on work boats, I’ll comment on backgrounds today.  What’s on the […]

Thanks to Paul Strubeck 3

Here are previous posts with photos by Paul, who decks on Cornell,  which does most of its work on the Hudson.  Deborah Quinn (1957) has been here several times, the first here. Here’s old and new side by side in Red Hook Erie Basin, Scotty Sky and Chandra B. And some old boats together, Spooky, Pilot, […]

Three Hours on the Sound

This follows the post where I got to spend four times as long on Long Island Sound, a truly remarkable place.  The trip last week brought sights and surprises enough to warrant a repeat trip soon.  Here, a bait boat (?) passes a renowned Plum Island facility.  Back to this later in the post. We’re headed to […]