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Ceres Seasonal Starter

If you’re going to the market event in Manhattan today, look for signs like this, painted what must be Ceres blue.  This is the west end of the Brooklyn Navy Yard, closest to Vinegar Hill.   Beyond the East River there, protruding into the sky to the right, that’s the empire State Building.   Ceres […]

More Ceres 2

Progress report, first from Vladimir Brezina, of Windagainstcurrent.  In Vlad’s words, “I did see Ceres, motoring down the Hudson past Stockport Middle Ground, where we were camping, just a few minutes fter sunrise yesterday (Monday). At first I couldn’t believe that it was Ceres—she wasn’t sailing (there was no wind, but wouldn’t a PROPER sailing […]

More Ceres

Vermont Sail Freight . . . south bound.  Click here for their ports of call and dates.   More fotos courtesy of Fred Wehner. I’m eager to see them with masts stepped and sails billowing. If anyone wishes to contribute fotos of the vessel making her way south and calling at ports headed south, please […]

Ceres Sighted!

Whatzit?!!  in the background with the classy leeboards.  In the foreground, of course, it’s the world-infamous tug44, and in its own lair near the hideaway of Fred, in the north country approximately 200 miles north of the sixth boro. It’s the sailing freighter Ceres, a moving cornucopia of all things edible, sixth boro bound with […]

Seats of Power 3

Just when I thought I had no more photos for another installment of “seats,” uh . .  more appear.  This arrangement of seating in this Erie Canal tug has to win a prize.  I can’t tell which lock it is, nor (I believe) can Bob Graham, who sent it in.  The captain on the Feeney […]

San Jose

Under wraps last summer, this new build in Cleveland was ready for the intended client, but  . . . “we have a problem” finalizing the deal, so there had to be another deal. So finally a month ago, San Jose got under way from Cleveland getting through the Saint Lawrence and around Nova Scotia bound for […]

More Sailing Cargo

Click here for previous posts on SAILing cargo.  You may recall the vessel Ceres, which moved cargo from Vermont to NYC two years ago and which this summer suspended those efforts. The sailing vessel below–credit to Stefan Edick– is the venerable schooner Adventure.  Built in 1926 in Essex MA, she doryfished for three decades before times forced several re-invention. […]

More Tilly

I had fotos of Tilly on this blog about six weeks ago here, and on a cold sixth boro day that threatens to get colder, I want to salute smart folks like Mike Knape who a) spent it in a warm place and b) sent me a set of fotos of this boat which had […]

Gallimaufry 3

. . . aka a jumble. I took the foto below of Stephen  L. Colby (St. Louis, MO-built, 1967, 144′ x 40′) on 1/4/2013 in Cairo, IL.  Yesterday, the boat sank into 14 feet of water farther north on the Mississippi. Below, s/v Concetta meets Charles D. McAllister (Jacksonville, FL, 1967, 94′ x 29′)  in late October. […]

Piscataqua Return

After a half year elapsed, the Piscataqua called me back.   But before I show you two posts of new shots of Portsmouth harbor, can anyone identify this wreck over in the Sommerville Basin in Jamaica Bay, Queens?  I don’t have an answer. The Basin is located in the right side center of the chart between Far […]