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Cape Race Mystery Solved

I had something else planned for today, but thanks to Richard’s comment, I couldn’t contain myself if I don’t post this link:  here’s the story of Cape Race.  I love the sails on that collage;  maybe a kite could be added. Also this from Joel, who says he can “give  positive, first-hand confirmation that the […]

Cape Race

Cape Race was at Liberty Landing in Jersey City last Saturday and maybe still is. It’s a side trawler like the vessel Cape Sable I saw years ago in Lunenburg at the Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic. Cape Sable–click here–was Dutch built; here’s background for the type, but I’m still curious about Cape Race. Might […]

Old Trade Routes Retraced

These vessels recently left a trading post that was starting up around the same decade the sixth boro replaced the initials N. A. for N. Y. As of this writing, these three vessels are entering the Indian Ocean on a historic re-enactment. Earlier this month, Colin Syndercombe visited the three vessel at the docks in […]

Retro Sixth Boro 28

I hope you all enjoy looking at these retro posts as much as I do putting them together.  I’m seeing that 2010 was the year I started to gallivant extensively, so the division for July 2010 retrospective is part a is for local, and part b will be for away. Count the boats in the […]

Port of Belfast, ME

Belfast probably has fewer people than does my block in Queens, but it jam packed with character.  In fact, I wanted to move there after spending a single weekend there two years ago.  Here and here are some posts I did from there. Many thanks to Tom Mann for these photos, taken in July 2015. […]

Whatzit 9

I could have called this “other peoples fotos,” but these are also quite unusual.  Foto below comes many thanks to John Watson.  According to John, it anchored off Bay Ridge for less than 12 hours yesterday to bunker.   The last time this blog touched on livestock of the bovine sort was the post Cows […]


… is Inuktitut for … well, you can read it below. I could have called this post Wanderbird 4.  Some of the time aboard I spent looking through this book by Nat Igloliorte. It’s common knowledge that from the sixth boro . . . i.e., local waters commingling among the other five boros of NYC […]

Wanderbird 3

(Doubleclick enlarges fotos.) With a favorable weather window,  tomorrow nightfall may find Wanderbird out the Narrows and at sea, bound for Puerto Rico.    But midday today, she was anchored off Piermont, off the old Camp Shanks.  More Camp Shanks later. Captain Rick Miles came calling ashore in the skiff. At daybreak Paolo and Pitsik bade […]


Whatzit in this study?  Where is this library?  (Note:  Doubleclick enlarges most fotos.) It depends.  Monday under a sky itching to rain the library was here as this vessel wandered in through Hell Gate, and made her way between Gracie Mansion and Astoria and then past Roosevelt Island and Upper Bay-bound on the East River, […]

Random Traffic August 2010

Because of last night’s rain, you have one last chance to see “Seven Deadly Seas” TONIGHT at 8 pm.  Go early and catch this hard-to-replicate combination:  left to right Cape Race, Gazela, and Mary A. Whalen … as seen from the entrance to the Brooklyn Passenger Terminal in Red Hook. Big doings also are happening […]