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Tugle 2

Thanks for playing yesterday.  Thanks to someone doing photo labelling more than half a century ago, I know the answer here too, although I admit there’s not much to go on.  This tug has appeared on this blog once before. Photo is from the Canal Society of New York archives. Hat tip to George Schneider […]

Tugle 1

Wordle has taken the gamers’ world by storm.  It’s also spawned other games like globle and worldle… If you’ve never played globle, try it at the link here. So here’s the rule with tugle, a game not nearly so clever as the others, but I try:  guess in what context this tugboat has previously appeared […]

Hudson River Steamers pre-1967 B

From the archives of the Canal Society of New York, it’s a set of photos taken along the Hudson showing some unidentified cargo vessels of yore.  The large building just off the bow of the T-2 tanker is unmistakably the West Point Gillis Field House.    I can’t quite make out the tanker’s name, however. Ditto […]

Canal Motor Ships D1

I believe this is an eastbound ILI 102 near Brewerton, just a few minutes from venturing out onto Oneida Lake. I’m wondering what segregated cargo might be stored on deck in wooden and steel barrels. If that’s Brewerton, this looks a lot like Three Rivers, with the stream off to the right being the Oswego […]

Urger Update

Urger got some love yesterday, and tugster was there to document it. Wait . . . is that Urger? No . . . that’s tug Seneca and there is the Capt. Wunder getting some visitation in and  telling stories about the days he was her captain, but “there’s more,” he said.  The older step-sister is here […]

Canal Tug Project M1

Recall that I started this series explaining that I’m drawing from photos in the archives of the Canal Society of New York.  It’s fitting that this post in the series gets designated as M;  M for Matton. Here’s a quote from the shipyard history site:  “John E. Matton started his original shipyard in 1899, on […]

Barge Canal Miscellany 2

B. No. 90 is clearly a Bouchard barge, this one eastbound at lock E-17.  Pushing it might be the 1946 Evening Light, but that’s just speculation. Evening Light has appeared in this series a little over a month ago as Margaret Matton et al. I added this because this IS a miscellany post.  I’d love […]

Canal Tug Project L 2

Cargill’s Carneida and her sisters were unique enough, forgotten enough designs that when I stumbled onto this image yesterday AFTER posting, I decided to dedicate a whole post to Cargill’s vessels on the Barge Canal. The resemblance to the cargo portion of the 1000-footers currently on the Lakes is unmistakable although she’s less than a […]

Government Tugs Barge Canal 3

Here’s a history-packed and very detailed photo.  In the foreground you see James K. Averill and Amsterdam.  In the next row back, that’s Urger behind Averill and a boat I can’t identify [name board just to the right of Averill’s stack shows a name that ends in –le No 1 ] behind Amsterdam. Also, in […]

Canal Tug Project G

I’ve neglected mentioning the locations of the Albert Gayer photos, in some cases because I had no idea.  This photo, however, is easy to place:  top of the flight and just above the first guard gate there.  Center of the photo is the “Crescent Lake” portion of the canal, looking “west.”  The waterway flowing to […]