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Bright Lights 7

Today’s post goes up at the theoretical sunrise on the shortest day of the year in the sixth boro;  the solstice is here, and I’m grateful the days can’t get any shorter this year.  It’s 58 degrees (!!) but blustery, rainy right now, so there won’t be an observable sunrise.  Now we start moving back […]

Bright Lights 6

Take the Milwaukee Breakwater Light looking east at dawn, or same light in late afternoon looking west, and you have two very different photos. Do something similar with Sturgeon Bay Ship Canal Lighthouse and Pierhead Light looking west in the morning and then back east the same time as you pass it.  Add a link […]

Bright Lights 5

Here were 4, 3, 2, and last but not least enlightening 1. And where’s this? Let’s spiral outward a few. A noteworthy woman once lived here, you know  . . .  the . . . Germany-born Kate. See more here on the Noble Maritime Collection site.  Noble is the steward of the light and is seeking […]

Bright Lights 4

Ooops, I see that a year ago I intended to add phototiura to my blogroll, and got distracted . . . never happened til now.  And here was that “bright lights” post almost a year ago;  to see the other two, just type “bright lights” into the search window. Mimicking a question from “bright lights,”  […]

Bright Lights 3

Short post . . . enjoy the fotos of more lights around the sixth boro.  Below, Great Beds Light in the northwest corner of Raritan Bay alludes in its name to the oyster populations of that part of the Bay.  Thanks to Jed for this foto. Travelling counterclockwise around Raritan Bay we arrive at  Twin […]

Bright Lights . . . 2

Click below to learn what sixth boro lighthouse commissioned in 1886 had a beacon 305 feet above the water.  A final clue:  the mystery lighthouse was functioning a full 30 years before the lighthouse below at Jeffreys Hook was. Click here to see George’s foto of the Little Red Lighthouse.  And the beacon up at […]

Bright Lights…

… big city” is the way the song, novel, and play phrase it.  But these bright lights shine in remote locations.  All fotos here credit to Jed, still sailing far off from the sixth boro.  Guess the whereabouts 0f the light below? If you said Santiago de Cuba, where some of my students come from, […]

Three Lakers & Three Lights

Daylight hours are getting very short, reiterating summer 2019 is no more, but I’ve still got photos left from gallivants of warmer and brighter days this year, like this one of a downbound Thunder Bay passing Rock Island Light, once legitimately tended by an erstwhile pirate William Johnston.   Later as we continued towards Lake […]

12 Lights a

Ever wonder how a lighthouse gets fresh paint?  Carl Behrend paints them from a bosun’s chair.  This particular light–Seul Choix— is located on the south side of Michigan’s UP.   It turns out, he’s also a singer-songwriter who has written a song about this light.  The only way you can get to this light is […]

Random Tugs 312

It’s the season. I wonder if the Kimberly crew has marked other holidays and I missed it.  I did catch the red-clad guy almost a year ago. Mary H and her barge Patriot is likely headed for Newtown Creek.  The 1981 build, such a clean looking tug, has been working in the sixth boro for […]