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Bayonne Bridge Transformation 3

Here was 1 and here, 2.  As others of you, I’ve been waiting for the walkway to open;  it’s been closed since August 2013!! Today’s photos are all from the past six weeks, and my way of saying that workers are still active on this bridge   See the same guys above and below? My […]

Bayonne Bridge Transformation 2

There’s an expression about the excitement of watching paint dry.  Recording a large construction project is about as interesting unless you do a form of time lapse, which I’ve inadvertently done with the Bayonne Bridge. Change is happening all over the city, but here’s what I’ve watched since way before the raising began. In August […]

Bayonne Bridge Transformation 1

More of the Great Race soon . . . but a bit of back story. When I moved to our fair metropolis in 2000 and started paying attention, I was taken by the Bayonne Bridge, so enamored in fact that I choose it as the header image for this blog in 2006, and now out […]

Occurrence at Bear Mountain Bridge

Looking from the Anthony’s Nose side of the bridge down toward Jones Point, you can sense the scale of the terrain from the way it shrinks the ship, BBC Seine on the Hudson passing Iona Island. That’s the south slope of  Bear Mountain to the right.  I’m not sure whether the other peaks have separate […]

Down at the Rip Van Winkle Bridge

As this blog evolves, I sometimes try to show what’s up in those hills, as seen from the hills like this one in March 2017, instead of what you see in instances when then light is unfavorable. Olana is the hilltop mansion above the Rip Van Winkle Bridge, built by an artist whose commercial success […]

Lights Near Bear Mountain Bridge

Crossing Bear Mountain Bridge the other afternoon–it’s December–I saw this light for the first time. A bit later on the east side of the River, I pulled off at the “scenic overlook” because I knew this tug and barge were approaching, southbound.  See the same star near the ridge line, directly above the flat snow-covered […]

TZ Bridgework 2

. . . the tugs, starting with . . . Prospector,  built in Indiana 1982, 48′ x 6′ and 800 hp; and presumably the right stuff for this job.  Would you guess the location as the Hudson River from the photo immediately below?  Hook Mountain is a beauty that I really need to hike! But back […]

Bridges 7

Tomorrow I head back out on my longest gallivant yet, even before I process what could be from the previous jaunt.  But I have a list I’ll work on when energy and wifi coincide.  But not to worry if I’m silent for a day or a week or three. Part of me would be happy […]

Suez Canal Bridge

or Bridge. Below is a photo I took in October 2011 . . . Also from October 2011, when the bridge looked like this, squeezing under the roadbed looked like this, and the McAllister stern quarter escort looked like this . . . the mighty Maurania III, that is.  Here’s the complete post I did […]

A K-Line Bridge

Until 2015, this would have been one of the largest K Line vessels, at nearly 1100′.  Then, the next year, a new series came out, at 1197.’ Marjorie B takes the port side stern,     while Patrice tied on three football fields forward.  Click here for my first view of Patrice McAllister, almost five […]