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Miriam Moran

I won’t ask which tug that is, featureless though it is, given the title.  I’m actually astonished that after some 4450 posts I’ve not yet dedicated a post to this tugboat. That’s Brendan Turecamo on starboard bow and Miriam Moran on port.  Brendan is four years older than Miriam, which was christened in November 1979 […]

Random Tugs 280

Want to check out Random Tugs 001?  The  001 got added more recently than 2007 because back then,  I had no idea I’d go on.  In the 2007 photo, might that be Mary Turecamo along with the Reinauer tugs, which are also still at work operating out of the sixth boro.  The other morning Mary […]

Random Tugs 271

Mary Alice with Witte 1407   Brendan Turecamo with container barge New Jersey Sarah Ann with SMM 105   A light Stephen B passing the Lady Caitlin Ann with SMM 211 and a light Emily Ann   Galveston with Petrochem Producer and a surveillance bird And–to repost a photo from April 2018–guess where Iron Salvor […]

Random Tugs 226

Ivory Coast Christian Reinauer Ross Sea C. Angelo Scott Turecamo, New Hampshire, and Brendan Turecamo Curtis and RTC 82 Mary Alice and Nan Lin Wan Pearl Coast and Cement Transporter 1801 MSC Maureen, Jonathan C. Moran, and Kirby Moran All photos taken in April 2018 by Will Van Dorp.  

Random Tugs 213

I’m not shifting the focus of this blog to photography–although it’s always been photo driven–but it’s fun to shoot what the light allows, which in this case somewhat obscures the identification of the tug in the foreground and highlights in profile the construction over by the Goethals Bridge.  Also, I’ve not forgotten a realization of […]

Afrodite 2

OK . . . I prematurely published it, so here it is. Recognize this tanker . . . once a regular in the Hudson River but out in other waters the past few years . .. I was thinking this post could be called Afrodite . . . shares the waterways. A sport fish boat, […]

Atlantic Olive

Given the location of the sixth boro, it’s not surprising how often “atlantic” appears in post titles. It’s not quite an oxymoron, but those two words juxtaposed certainly seem odd unless you look at the context . . .    more on this at the end of the post.  But olive?  And I’m thinking the […]

Random Tugs 182

Margot nears Troy with the Lockwood Bros barge from back in October. Watch the variety of backgrounds in this post, too. Jay Michael a few days ago passes by Con Hook. Amy C McAllister rounds the southern tip of Manhattan towing a capacious cargo barge Columbia Baltimore, capable of carrying 690 tees.. Betty D light crosses the Upper Bay. […]

Random Tugs 174

Well well well . . . the paint confused me here, until I gt the name board . . . Mister Jim working while transforming.  Click here for a winter photo of Mister Jim. Weddell Sea I’ve not seen in a while. And her barge looks to be undergoing a paint change as well. Here’s […]

Random Tugs 168

Summertime and the living is easy . . . and Sassafras is bringing fuel to MSC Marianna. JRT Moran is preparing to assist MSC Busan out of its berth Another section of Rockefeller University’s River Campus is shipping in aboard Witte 1401 moved by Emily Ann,  passing Zachery and Jason Reinauer and and Dean. Crystal Cutler […]