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Blueing Beyond the Sixth Boro

Not all . . . . but some boats turned blue as in in this post here.    Like Cheyenne, whose colors over the years are well-documented by Birk and Harold in their site here. The same is true for Caitlin Ann, who has worked for over half century.  Birk and Harold have some documentation of […]

Blueing of the Sixth Boro

Change happens.  Infatuations cool, obsessions dissipate, and pendulums swing.  Alliances and relationships shift.  And with these alterations, sometimes new look, different colors.  I posted on the change from June K to  Sarah Ann recently here.  Now check out the new Cheyenne, she of a dozen or so posts now has turned blue.  Many thanks to […]

Jane 2

I took the photo below in late October, and I caught this sight yesterday.  Susan Rose was repainted a month ago or so, but alongside her and not showing an AIS signal, it’s Jane A. Bouchard, and not Anna Rose as I thought she was being renamed.  Well, it’s possible her name boards have not […]

Transformations 3

We’ve seen this before with entire fleets, as in the Kirbyfication . . . and Blueing . . . almost exactly a decade ago. So check out St. Andrews now compared with then. Harley Marine Service, aka HMS, for a few weeks now has become Centerline Logistics Corporation, hence the orange stripe. Andrea has gotten […]

12 Tugboats a

Kudos to Ginger, who guessed what the anniversary alluded to yesterday was.  Today begins year 12 of this blog.  So in the midst of all the references to CYBER- this and that, I’ll be my default contrarian self and call the next series a CYPHER series, lots of posts beginning with the number 12.  In […]

Stormy Aftermath 6

(Doubleclick enlarges these again!! I’ll go back when I can and correct the “display setting” for the past few days.) Thirty-six or so days after surging sixth boro waters tossed this “mothballed” tanker onto the shoreline at Clifton, Staten Island, efforts appear to be preparing to move it off. Crews have been assessing the condition […]

Random Tugs 87

I priviledge first appearances.  This is Arbara Ann’s first.  Her registry is Islip, and  . ..  her stern confirmed the missing “B” at the beginning of her name.  Launch date was 1981, loa is 24.’ Fox Boys . . . third time here I think.  1956 and 48′ Pushing barge Fire Island, it’s Thomas Dann, 1975 and […]

Absent, Not Forgotten

Some folks do spring cleaning;  I do winter culling.  And have been doing a lot of it, including in my foto library.  Considering the library as a whole, it’s constantly in flux . . . stuff out; better stuff-I hope–in.  Many quotes say this;  my favorite version is “you cannot step into the same river […]

NYC Tugboat Race 2010 b

First, the Flickr set on the left has been reset;  go there to see over 30 additional race fotos. Doubleclick the fotos below to enlarge.  Directly below shows a few instants after the “go” signal is transmitted to the throttles. “Go” minus 10 minutes has the vessels parading northward. Like some people, Atlantic Salvor never […]