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Canal Motor Ships D2

Question:  Where is ILI 105 today?  Answer at the end of this post.  As you can tell from its similarity to Day Peckinpaugh (ILI 101)  and ILI 102, this is the fifth of five identical Eriemax freighters launched in Duluth in 1921 and eventually worked between the Great Lakes and salt water of the eastern […]

Thanks to George Schneider 4

I’ll let George speak here, starting in the Bay area:  “One real treat was University of Alaska’s research vessel Sikuliaq. She’s an NSF vessel, operated by Alaska, but was down here to fill in while the delivery of Sally Ride AGOR-28 was delayed, and perhaps is working for Scripps again. These were the best shots […]


The Calumet River exits from southeastern Chicago.  For Mississippi-bound watercraft, it also leads into the continent.  I was thrilled to follow it a bit thanks to Christine Douglas.   Koolcat was the first tug we saw.  She was shuffling barges, as Amtrak passed above. Among those barges was strong evidence that we were no longer in the […]

Other Peoples Photos 57

Thanks to all of you who send me photos.  M & M McMorrow sent this photo taken at Atlantic Highlands just before Christmas.  And yes, Delta is the best Christmas red. I can’t seem to find a tugboat in the NMFS.NOAA registry called just “Delta.”   Someone help out? Richie Ryden took these photos just […]

Whitherward 6

Here’s an index for the previous in the series. I got this photo in July 2003 in Oswego, the 1943 Bushey tug  WYTM-71 Apalachee.  I haven’t seen it since, although it was at one time in Cleveland.  Anyone know if it’s still there? Here’s another Great Lakes tug, for now.  This photo of James A. Hannah was […]

Other Peoples Photos 48

All these photos come compliments of frequent commenter Jan van der Doe.  And all were taken in Hamilton Harbour, the southwest corner of the lake where I learned to swim. Hamilton is headquarters for McKeil Marine, whose vessels have been posted on this blog here, here and here. Click here for the specs on Leonard M. […]

Random Tugs 107

Captain Charles . .  1953.  Know the location?  The bridge in the background is a clue.  Answer can be found at the end of this post. James Turecamo, like me class of 1969, foto taken just before yesterday’s planned building implosion.  By that early hour, James had already earned a fair amount of “keep.”  To […]

Half a Week Away

Five (can it really have been that long ago!!?)  years ago I did a series of posts counting down the days til the tugboat race:  three  . . . two  . . . one.  In these I speculated which boats might show. My goal had not been accuracy of prediction, and as it turned out, […]

Road Fotos 32

Catching up on old business . . . the vintage sixth boro NYC fotos in yesterday’s post come compliments of Seth Tane, currently living in Portland, Oregon but a working resident on New York waters 30 years ago.  Tugster will feature more of those fotos in upcoming posts to illustrate the dramatic change that three […]

Other People’s Fotos 12

All fotos today come from Isaac Pennock at various Canadian shorelines along the eastern Great Lakes.  And an interesting set of vessels this is.  Take James A. Hannah, foto shot in Hamilton.  Look at her lines.  You’ve seen a sibling of this vessel here before.    Recall Bloxom here and in the graveyard here. More […]