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Blount Global 2

Not quite two weeks ago I did my first post of Blount-built boats in far flung places.  Read it here;  a list of sixth boro Blount vessels appears at the end. Now I’m thrilled to put up these fotos, generously sent by Julie Blount, executive vice president of Blount Boats, Inc.  This is the launch of […]

Blount Global

Thanks to Fairlane and Ben for pointing out an example of “you travel far away to find what you left behind”  :  shipbuilders in southern New England labored to create vessels like Cayo Largo (2008) , below and here (fotos 6 and 7).  In fact, Cayo Largo displays front-and-center on the Blount Boats Shipyard site here. […]

Stone Trade 2

Here was 1 in this series. About a month ago, I caught up with Buchanan 12 moving crude materials, as is almost always the case with Buchanan 12, aggregates, one of the basic elements for most construction projects. According to this story, about three million tons of aggregates were shipped on the Hudson in […]

Spring Giddiness 2

I think today is a holiday.  Somewhere.  If it weren’t, it just should be. Actually it’s Children’s Day in Turkey.  And the Feast of St George at the Vatican and in England.  Slay-a-Dragon Day somewhere.  International Talk like Shakespeare Day . . . I could go on.  Feadship’s Casual Water is headed upriver, if not […]

People Movers 7

Here are the previous posts. The 1980 Innisfree works the Chicago River, but it has New England roots. The rest of the boats in this post work in the waters around Mackinac Island.  Anna May is Wisconsin-built, 1947. Felicity is a Shepler’s Ferry boats.  For a history of the business, click here. Straits of Mackinac II […]

Random Tugs 162

Please read the El Faro Relief event notice at the end of this post.  TODAY is the deadline to sign up. It’s rained most of this week and last . . . and the forecast is the same for next week, but that just means sheltering (and wiping) the lens of the camera, as needed.   […]

Three Hours on the Sound

This follows the post where I got to spend four times as long on Long Island Sound, a truly remarkable place.  The trip last week brought sights and surprises enough to warrant a repeat trip soon.  Here, a bait boat (?) passes a renowned Plum Island facility.  Back to this later in the post. We’re headed to […]

Invisible Gold 2

“Black gold”  . . . oil makes power.   You can’t see or smell wind, but it can be used for power . . . and that’s the title of this post.  Yesterday’s photos hinted at the work happening now in the water to eventually harvest that power, and today . . . this records parts of the ribbon-cutting […]

Second Lives 20

Here’s the index on previous second lives posts.  I use “second lives” for what land folk call “adaptive reuse.”  It strikes me that there may be more instances of repurposing re-design and -engineering on water than on land, but that’s may just be my opinion. But first, I thought to call this “pre-boomed” to follow […]

De Boomed

Here’s the index for previous Twin Tube posts.  This freight vessel is 64′ x 19′ x 8.5, and I’m sure I’ve mentioned before that it is one of the first Blount built vessels ever, launched in 1951.  Here’s the index to all my previous  Blount posts. This is how I imagine her, but recently . . […]