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Blount Global 2

Not quite two weeks ago I did my first post of Blount-built boats in far flung places.  Read it here;  a list of sixth boro Blount vessels appears at the end. Now I’m thrilled to put up these fotos, generously sent by Julie Blount, executive vice president of Blount Boats, Inc.  This is the launch of […]

Blount Global

Thanks to Fairlane and Ben for pointing out an example of “you travel far away to find what you left behind”  :  shipbuilders in southern New England labored to create vessels like Cayo Largo (2008) , below and here (fotos 6 and 7).  In fact, Cayo Largo displays front-and-center on the Blount Boats Shipyard site here. […]

Second Lives 20

Here’s the index on previous second lives posts.  I use “second lives” for what land folk call “adaptive reuse.”  It strikes me that there may be more instances of repurposing re-design and -engineering on water than on land, but that’s may just be my opinion. But first, I thought to call this “pre-boomed” to follow […]

De Boomed

Here’s the index for previous Twin Tube posts.  This freight vessel is 64′ x 19′ x 8.5, and I’m sure I’ve mentioned before that it is one of the first Blount built vessels ever, launched in 1951.  Here’s the index to all my previous  Blount posts. This is how I imagine her, but recently . . […]

Ice Season 2015 . . .

I hope it ends soon.  Of course, ice is just a part of the sixth boro cycle.  See the ice photos here from 2009.  Enjoy these shots from the last day of February 2015.  But for the hot days sure to come later this year, how about this tall tale of Meagan Ann traveling through […]

Passenger Cargo 2

Wow!  It’s been quite a few years since I’ve used this title.  The sixth boro has diverse conveyances for folks who want to get out on the water . . . from NYMediaBoat .  . to   CircleLine . . . with many options in between, too many to list here, although if you have a […]

Farewell to the Old

I know vessels are just machines, but I prefer to anthropomorphize them, and thus miss them when they go.  On this transition day, I want to acknowledge some vessels that I’d come to enjoy seeing but will now transition away . Scotty Sky is a Blount design, launched as L. G. Laduca in 1960.   I took […]

Twin Tube 3

Click here for my previous Twin Tube posts,  Note to self . . . I’d like to see the wheelhouse of this work horse if it ever stops working.  Today when I saw the boat, it looked different.  Can you see it? No . . . it has not been renamed Butterfly, as appears between the […]

Canal Zones 5d

Here’s my last canal ruins post, this one focusing on vestiges of the corridor as a dynamic industrial hub.  Day Peckinpaugh, delivered as cargo ship Interwaterways 101 in May 1921 is certainly not in ruins, as her younger sister–by two months– Interwaterways 105 has been since 1976, here disintegrating in the Arthur Kill. Below the […]

Random Tugs 128

Bergen Point, a 1958 Blount product,  coming through the Narrows last weekend.  Click here for many interesting vessels from Blount that have appeared on this blog. And a first timer on this blog . . . John Parrish. Penn No. 4 all painted white . . . click here and scroll through to see her […]


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