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Big Lizzie II

I had a different post and an entirely different morning planned, until I looked at AIS, and saw that after almost exactly four years, Big Lizzie (HMS Ro8) was inbound.  So whose was this when  these were coming into view? More specifics in the link above the first photo, but check out the info here.  “But […]

Names 46

Some names might be terrifying, like “This is Conqueror, approaching the Narrows.”  By the way, this vessel was here some years back as Energy Conqueror.  It seems sights and ambitions have broadened.  Equally chilling though oxymoronic might be this one:  “Big Bang has anchored.” A lot of vessels are named for birds, like ONE Stork […]

Big Ones 4

A top hat tip to my eagle eyed collaborators in and around the sixth boro . . . Here are previous “big one” posts. See those marking on the base portion of that vertical structure behind the RV? this is a mighty high-reaching crane base painted like a giraffe’s neck.   It’s actually a perfect […]

Random Tugs 371

Adeline Marie was at anchor off the Coney Island Light. Douglas J and a dump scow were shuttling to and from HARS.   Mary Emma was arriving from sea.   Joyce Brown passed a big unstuck green ship,   Stuff is always happening, and all photos, WVD.

Other Watersheds 17B

You know from the previous “other watersheds 17” that this is the Amazon, so look at the color of the water.  If you want to read a scholarly article–albeit an old one–check this one out.   If you want to see satellite photos of the mouth, where this silty freshwater mixes with the ocean, click […]

Evening Mist Then and Now

Here’s a March 2017 photo of Evening Mist, one of many I took over the years,  her big tugboat lines lessened by this the second upper wheelhouse she had carried.  A previous one she had as Captain Dann.  She was recently transformed again, and a few days ago I finally caught Evening Mist in her […]

Proteus Post 2

Here was the first in the series.  Below, Great Beds Light looks to be a painting, a timeless and idle morning photo.  Zim Yokahama first splashed into the protean ocean in 2007, carrying capacity fewer than 4300 teu, but in the morning sun, reflected on still water, she’s beautiful,  like a 21st century version of a […]

We Get Rainbows

If you focus on national weather, you might imagine snow has fallen to the extent that we’re back in the ice age, but I decided to walk out to the fishing pier near Owl’s Head, and  voila!  there were Unico’s Teresa with Acadia as well as Regulus, bathed in rainbow light. Likely it was raining […]

Out of the Bayou 6

Day 3 shows up in green . . . from just west of Port Fourchon to just east of SW Pass. We took the stern of C-Fighter on the way, as the ECO boat appeared to head into Fourchon.  Surprising were the number of small fishing boats, out angling and  even anchoring next to platforms; […]

New Exotics, New Names

I’ve done “new hulls, new names” and “old hulls and old and new names” and “new hulls, lines, and liveries.”  Sorry I could not have come up with more streamlined nomenclature. But I hope, as always, you enjoy these photos all taken on an ideal last day of summer.  If summer has to end, this […]