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Big Ones 4

A top hat tip to my eagle eyed collaborators in and around the sixth boro . . . Here are previous “big one” posts. See those marking on the base portion of that vertical structure behind the RV? this is a mighty high-reaching crane base painted like a giraffe’s neck.   It’s actually a perfect […]

First of a New Class: Big Lizzie

Her first steel was laid down almost a decade ago, and here she is pirouetting for New Yorkers.  Carriers tend to have these offset superstructures.  I wonder how it feels to be far-to-starboard in rough seas.  To see the commander in his seat of power, click here. This ship was christened with a bottle of […]

Big Ones 3

It’s been a while since #2 in this series, but seeing Rebel this past week prompts a new installment.  What first drew my attention was the sound;  Rebel roared as it backed a light barge out of IMTT.  Double click on foto to enlarge. The superstructure was one I didn’t recognize.  Huge she is: 138′ […]

Big Ones 2

So, the tug with the most horsepower in the boro . . . Penobscot Bay, 140′ icebreaker tug? Sorry. Only 2500 hp. Pati R Moran? 5100. The almost new Rosemary McAllister? 6000. Atlantic Salvor? 6480. Christian Reinauer? Getting close with 7200. It has to be Powhatan? Well at 5.73 megawatts . . . that’s 7684 […]

Big Ones

Some folks have started imagining what “big boys” might face off in the upcoming sixth boro tugboat race. Although size certainly isn’t everything, it is something. From my archives, I’m including “local” tugboats rated over 6000 horsepower. Nicole Leigh generates 7200 horses. The man near the stern reveals the size of Nicole Leigh. Penn Maritime’s […]

Big Lift Tra-type

Damn Dutch entered the harbor today; my last name authorizes me to use that adjective. And just kidding about it, of course. Welkom. My May post called “specialized 11” had a larger Big Lift ship. Would that be “bigger lift”? Here’s the rest of the ship. See the whole fleet at this link; this vessel […]

“Big Birthdays”

Warning: personal disclosure ahead. Some years ago, I had a “big number” birthday. To mark it, I went skinny dipping in the cold February waters of Plum Island Massachusetts. There are neither nude nor evidence pictures here; it’s not that kind of blog.  The “b’day suit” dip happened to be on a first date with […]

!@#$! I missed the boat!

0631.  I had planned to get photos Cape Edmont depart the sixth boro towed by Kurt J. Crosby . . . on Saturday morning.  When I saw on AIS that McAllister tugs were mustering at the opening of the Bayonne drydock, I thought they just would depart the drydock where it had spent the past […]

Kurt J. Crosby!

She’s not young, but if this info is to be believed, she’s 147′ x 50′ x 16′ max draft and powered by three engines totaling 16,500 hp and can carry $829,321.70 of fuel at current NJ prices!! !@#$ !@!!, she’s a big vessel,  as an understatement. she has much more than 16,500 hp attitude!  And […]

From the Line Locker 34

This title means odds and ends . . . so this is a post that represents my clearing my decks, or rather desk or electronic folders. Compare the two screen grabs below, first recreational boats filling the Sound but heading for safe haven in advance of Henri last weekend. Monday morning . . . the […]