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Random Tugs 237

Kirby Moran and James D Moran wait, like a team of horses, actually a team of 12,000 horses. Here’s a different perspective on Kirby as she returns from a job. CMT Otter and a salt barge lies alongside Nord Summit while along the other side, the venerable Twin Tube reprovisions from stern starboard. Atlantic Salvor (or […]

Random Tugs 130

Dorothy J was once known as Angela M and first appeared here about four years ago. Mediterranean Sea working and being worked upon.  There’s no significance to the blue bicycle in foreground lower left, but I like that it’s there. Peggy Winslow is a boat I’ve not seen in a long time, unidentified here but identified in […]

Random Tugs 117

I’ll start here for a reason.  This 1941 vessel built in Stamford, CT,   was originally YTL 169, 61′ loa.  In November 1997 she was called Spuyten Duyvil and used to transport the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree from Stony Point to the East river.  I’ve mentioned this before, but although I’ve searched high and low, […]