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Caitlin and Prometheus’ Cargo

Let me interrupt my “out of the bayou” aka “regular programming” posts to a) announce my return to the sixth boro and b) update you on some exciting cargo that arrived in the sixth boro earlier this week.  For the first 4 photos, I’m grateful to Benjamin Moll, since I had not yet returned here […]

Ice 8

For a 2015 coyote on ice, click here and scroll.    If a coyote came up behind these critters right now, there’d be movements in the cycle of life.  Benjamin Moll took this amazing series of shots a few days back on the Hudson. I was wondering whether these deer approach the open water to […]


On cold days, “picturing” warmer months helps stave off the cold . .  for a while.  But this post is about vessels with this name, one of which is a 1957 passenger vessel that has recently been chosen for some high-and-dry maintenance work.  Actually it’s called Mayflower II, which I’ve alluded to once in this […]