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Thanks to Barrel 13

Barrel comes up with unusual photos . . . and this one below,  Merritt,  shows a side-cast dredge with a draft of less than 5′. It appears she’s still in use.   Here’s the info. I wish that tree was not obscuring the tug, but the real star here is the ship, an oddity that […]

Thanks to Barrel 12

I’ve often posted photos of ROROs and PCTCs, but here’s the old school.  Here’s a Ford ship loading Ford cars from the Chester PA plant.  MV Lake Benbow was one of the first six Ford-owned vessels transporting Ford products around the world.  Click here for her interesting history:  built 1918 for the US Naval Overseas […]

Thanks to Barrel 11

The sixth boro includes a portion of Raritan Bay, and once there was a USACE dredge called Raritan, built in 1908 in Sparrows Point, as seen below.  She was scrapped in 1956 after having been sold out of the USACE and renamed Sandmate. The next series shows a life raft of the era being tested […]

Thanks to Barrel 10

Quick post here . . . since barrel has sent me way up into catfish territory with this boat, Tom Stallings.  Although the photo says it was built in 1919 in Charleston WV, the Charles Ward Shipyard records here do not list the boat. The 1929 records of the Chief of Engineers say that Tom Stallings […]

Barrel 9 Followup

This is a repost of the 4th photo in the post from two days ago, showing General Humphreys. I repost because Dan Owen responded as follows:   “General Humphreys was rebuilt into a conventional tug in 1950, 76 x 18.2 x 6.6, reportedly had two GM 6-71 diesels, 330 hp., which would have made it […]

Thanks to Barrel 9

If I read the nameplate right, this is the number Uno!  According to barrel, it was built by the Corps Design Center.  Was that then in Neponset MA at the Lawley yard?   See June 1943.  Anyone know the details of its loss? DPC 66 was built in Decatur AL, and later was briefly a Pauline L. […]

Thanks to Barrel 8

Many thanks to barrel for this continuing series of old USACE vessels.  Chester below was built in the mid-1930s at a yard where this set of vessels was also built. The above shipyard link says that later she became Elizabeth, but that leads me nowhere.  Anyone help? Frankford is older . . . 1924, built in […]

Thanks to Barrel 7

Barrel is the pseudonym (nom de blog?) of a gentleman who worked with the USACE for many years in the Philadelphia area.  Click here for the RTC yard history. Click here for info on the tugboat Interstate.  Can anyone add any info to that? According to barrel, the YTB here is functioning as a fender […]

Thanks to Barrel 6

Click here for previous photos that come here by way of barrel.  The September 1944 tug Wilmington is now Kathy Lynn. Dredge Hoffman was built in 1942 and retired in 1983 . . . I guess that means scrapped. Clatsop was launched in 1908, then called Sandpilot, and was scrapped in 1950, before I was […]

Thanks to Barrel 5

Thanks again to Barrel for sending another dredge photo.  These photos send me looking for background.  So here is what I can figure. Davison (records say Davidson, but I’ll go by what I see in the photo above) was built by Dravo in Wilmington DE in 1945.  She was dispatched to Korea in 1951 because of […]