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Barges 4

Jeremy Whitman took this photo of the big blue Konecranes #38 crane.  Tail boat is Candace Elise, prior to 2015 known as Stephen Dann, as here.  OXBO is managing the transport. They departed Manitowoc a week or so ago and are now in a very wide portion of the Saint Lawrence, downstream from Gaspé Peninsula.  […]

Barge Canal Miscellany 2

B. No. 90 is clearly a Bouchard barge, this one eastbound at lock E-17.  Pushing it might be the 1946 Evening Light, but that’s just speculation. Evening Light has appeared in this series a little over a month ago as Margaret Matton et al. I added this because this IS a miscellany post.  I’d love […]

Barge Canal Miscellany

My approach to reporting on the archives so far has been to sort the images there, as you noticed if you’ve been following along.   This follows a different tack:  a set of photos I wasn’t sure where to sort.  First, a July 1920 photo showing excursion steamer Ossian Bedell and steamer/barge Saratoga in Buffalo […]

Government Tugs Barge Canal 1

I’ve seen this image printed and framed somewhere . . . in a lower Mohawk town, but I don’t remember where.  The lines are quite similar to those of Urger. As to Schenectady she was ex-Buffalo, George W. Aldridge, and City of Schenectady. Around 1910 the name was shortened to just Schenectady.   Per her […]

Government Tugs Barge Canal 3

Here’s a history-packed and very detailed photo.  In the foreground you see James K. Averill and Amsterdam.  In the next row back, that’s Urger behind Averill and a boat I can’t identify [name board just to the right of Averill’s stack shows a name that ends in –le No 1 ] behind Amsterdam. Also, in […]

Government Tugs Barge Canal 2

It appears this tug and derrick barge are working over by the power house at the Vischer Ferry 2000′ twice-bent Dam opposite lock E-7.  This is the dam where Margot and Watermaster have broken up ice jams the past few winters. Here’s a closer up and  an even closer up, confirming that it’s Canal tug Amsterdam […]

New Ontario Tug and Barge

Ontario here means the province and the lake.  In the NE corner of the lake lies Picton and Picton Terminals, homeport of a tug called Sheri Lynn S.  Well, Sheri Lynn S just got a big sister, and one place to start the story is in UAE, Sharjah a few months back . . . […]

Canal Tug Project K

I need to reprise this photo from post J, and here’s why, adapting from William Lafferty’s comment the other day:  “Carbany (below and derived from “Cargill” and “Albany”), built/launched by JK Welding Company at Brooklyn in October 1939, is one of the first two tugs Cargill had built to explore the possibility of hauling barges […]

Canal Tug Project I

That’s a letter I, not a number 1, by the way. Tugboat Syracuse is still in service, pushing 90 years of service next year, although I believe she did not work this past season.  I can’t place the location of this shot (maybe the Oswego Canal or somewhere between Brewerton and Three Rivers come to […]

Canal Tug Project J

Hugh O’Donnell appeared in installment “I.”  In fact, this photo might very well have been taken just seconds after the photo showing the string of barges following her.  As for location, clearly it’s a part of the Canal with riprap along the banks. Other than the name, Thos. R. Coyne, and the fact that the […]