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Something Different 55

There’s something unusual about the vessel coming in with the assistance of Miriam Moran. See what it is? Maybe I should say this vessel is a veritable unicorn.  Thai script is unusual. I read the Thai writing system is based on Old Khmer. She draws a little over 20′ if I read this right. The […]

Other Peoples Photos 63

Jack Ronalds took this photo of Ontario (Jeffrey K. McAllister) and Erie (Missy McAllister) in Canso back in August 2016. John Jedrlinic took this in the sixth boro in December 2008. I took the photo below a few months earlier in 2008, as the transfer from Normandy to Ross Sea was happening. Grouper has been featured here […]

Gunkholes, Harbors, Ports and Wharves 1

The title is such a mouthful that I’ll soon reduce it to GHP&W. Although this blog began with photos and observations of mostly working vessels in the great harbor associated with New York City, the watery part of which I call the sixth boro, the blog followed a course suggested by these vessels to other […]

Random Tugs 121

Guess the locations here and . . . here?  Answers follow. This one should be obvious.  What’s the Philly-bound tug? It’s Lucky D. Here’s Chesapeake Coast, probably North River and then Hudson River bound. B. Franklin Reinauer is Sound-bound. And some light tugs . . . Elizabeth, Joan Turecamo, Chesapeake, Megan McAllister,  . . . […]

Other Harbors

Old American tugs adorn other ports, and vessels that began life far away sometimes adapt to places like or near the sixth boro.  This is true of the vessel below, fotos of which come from Matt of Soundbounder.  Notice in small print the port of registry. Does Mon Lei really mean 10,000 miles, and does […]

Mystery Tugs 2

As a followup to “Mystery Tugs,” here’s a few more. My favorite, below, could be called the naked tug: controls under an awning, slant mount engine, a welding unit, and the hook. Last chance to guess the location and river: a clue is that its name means “river of kings” and previously locals referred to […]