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Autumn Sail 13

Cooler temperatures and brisker winds can make autumn sailing more exciting, or maybe in the sixth boro those winds clearly hint a winter and gales to come.  This Lagoon 450 headed out under power, and will have to set sail soon, given where they might be headed. That looks like Spring of Sydney to me […]

Sailing Cargo 2

This title goes back almost a decade, and this schooner has been doing cargo runs on the Hudson for a while now, but I’d not seen it yet.  Fortunate for me, I finally spotted the boat this past weekend, running from Brooklyn side Upper Bay to Raritan Bay and the Arthur Kill. I’ve posted photos […]

Autumn Sail 12

Here are previous posts in this series. Many thanks to Capt. Justin Zizes for these next six photos, all taken on November 6 during the transit of two Scarano schooners from NYC’s sixth boro up to Albany. I would have joined as crew, but had obligations down river.  Here they glide under the TZ,   […]

Autumn Sail 11

Way in the distance where the waterway narrows, that’s lock E-11 and accompanying moveable dam, Amsterdam NY.  Click here for closer-ups of some of the Erie Canal locks and bank scenery. I saw no names anywhere as this catamaran cut dynamic grooves into a calm river, where I was waiting–in vain–for a vessel in the […]

Summer Sail 1

Tugster has been a work in progress, evolving organically, without a foreseen plan.  So I just noticed that although I’ve done many posts on autumn sail, I’ve not used the summer sail title.  Until now. What better place to start than with SSV Oliver Hazard Perry.  GCaptain calls it a 21st century ship mindful of […]

Spring Sail 2

Here was the first time I used this title. America II looked resplendent bathed in a last burst of late afternoon sun yesterday. She was one of several sail vessels out;  here Pioneer seems headed over to a new loading point. On a meteorologically different afternoon a few weeks ago, I caught Lettie G. Howard […]

More Cargoes 21

Here are previous posts in this series. Floragracht hurries upstream just north of Montreal with a mixed cargo on its deck.  The sail might be re-named Wet Autumn Dream. All photos by Will Van Dorp.

A Slew of Sail

There’s winter sail, spring sail, and autumn sail.  And today I’m just staying inside culling photos.   Since moving by wind has been around for millennia, Pioneer is a relatively modern vessel. This vessel below can be “insanely fast.” I took this photos and ones that follow back on May 11, 2015 in Morris Canal. Here’s […]

Autumn Sail 10

Here was 9. It seems that sailing just gets better as summer turns into fall.  Like Pioneer.   Click here for bookings via Water Taxi. America 2.0 Shearwater Adirondack There are also those sailing vessels I’d like to see under sail.  Like Angel’s Share with its twin helms, here a close-up of the port helm. […]

Autumn Sail 9

Pioneer headed southwest,  then west. and Clipper City taking her stern. Laura K Moran takes the stern of an Offshore Sailing School boat. A small sloop appears to go head-t0-head with Meriom Topaz and does the same with Americas Spirit, as the tanker is lightered and provisioned. And finally .  . is the green cata-schooner […]