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Assorted Dutch Craft 3

Here’s an index to previous posts with this theme.  But truth be told, technology has no nationality.  Click here and scroll through for the last vessel, a Dutch tug vessel that for a time worked in the Chesapeake.  Here she was last week, all decked out and doing a tour in connection with a Maassluis’ tugboat […]

Assorted Dutch Craft 2

Janga Bork is NOT a Dutch fishing vessel, although the unusual (?) hull brings it to the top of this post.  The “L” prefix on the hull identifies it as Danish. By the way, the aggressive newish spell checker always tries to change my preferred spelling of “sixth boro” to “sixth bork.”  You may have […]

Assorted Dutch Craft 1

I’m not sure the following two boats are Kvichak built.  Three previous ones were.  Here was a post of those US-built Dutch pilot boats I had here a few years back;  check out the uniforms of the crew!   Unlike in the US, the Dutch lifeboat or life saving organization is NOT part of the […]


This is a 1959 vessel with a rich and varied career.  Click here for photos from a maritime festival last year, and  here (scroll) with info about her sojourn in the US. Click on the photo below to hear her run.   Click here to watch a 20-minute video documenting her meeting a near-sister a few […]

Hoorn-Bound Half Moon 3

Here was 2.  Scroll through and you’ll see other posts I’ve done on the vessel in North America.  The photo below shows Half Moon under full sail off Boston earlier this month. Here on an AIS grab from yesterday, BigLift MV Traveller scooted across the North Sea from Scotland into the port at the mouth […]