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Ashore 6

From the site . .. these screen shots . . . call this dragged off . . .  Check the main site here. I’m wondering now if she’ll live to sail again.  Read more at  And still more detail can be found at saltaire38.

Ashore 5

Day 24, midmorning  . . . fog reduced visibility to half mile or less along the beach and tower, and given my dose of Christian upbringing, I hoped I would tell a resurrection story, but alas, as I got close, Le Papillon still rode the swells of sand, piloted by wishful thinkers. Moving on beach […]

Ashore 4

It’s 1430 hours, April 17.  Day 17 of Papillon‘s misery.   Click here on Saltaire38’s blog for fotos a few hours earlier . . . at high tide, showing Le Papillon awash.   Here was Day 10.  After yesterday’s blow with gusts over 25 mph, I was curious.   So was that mallard, not to inject a […]

Ashore 3

Fishing vessel Sharon Ann is not coming ashore, nor is she–as I’d hoped while approaching Le Papillon–here as offshore muscle to drag her off. Hatches are sealed, but here, on Day 10, she remains, sanded in. I wish I had better news.  Fotos by Will Van Dorp on April 10 midmorning.  

Ashore 2

I’d hoped to see movement today, but no news.  Just weather.  Fotos taken at 9 a.m. Tuesday, Day 5 Hightide’s fury pounded it so hard that it did move, but like a horse with a broken leg trying to stand. I kept my distance, but I wondered about the size of openings where water geysers […]


on Hell Beach.  I don’t feel comfortable telling the location or identity.  All are safe, but heart-broken. It’s not just about the loss of a large steel Colvin pinky schooner.  Rather it’s about lost dreams, abandoned hopes, and disappointment.  One moment is glorious, and the next days and weeks will be wrenching pain. All fotos […]

Retro Sixth Boro 36

April 1, 2011 … and this was not a joke.  More on this distressed vessel at the end of this post. McCormack Boys and Turecamo Girls with Barney Turecamo.  All three are still working in the same liveries, I believe. Long Island-built Escort was phased out as a certain coal-fired power plant shut down.  She’s […]

People on the Boro 27

Essential workers spend the holidays at the job site.  They always have.   Here‘s a list of types of essential workers, note that this crewman needs to catch up on sleep. I’ll let you read the faces and body language, but I’d say they’re catching up on news since they have a signal on their […]

Icing on the Niagara II

I initially thought to repeat some photos of New York Power Authority vessels near the Niagara River, but they’re here already in a post from December 2017.  Ironically, these vessels are based on the Buffalo River,   not the Niagara River, in the warm season. NYPA boats become active when most boats come out of the […]

Virtual Erie Canal 6W: Watkins Glen back to the Junction

Yesterday we ended at a junction in the canal near red number 4 on the map below,  Montezuma NY.  Today we start about 50 miles mostly south at the southern end of Seneca Lake, at the town of Watkins Glen, at the balloon and red number 1.  This map clearly shows the Finger Lakes area.  […]