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The Delaware’s Doomed Ships 3

A relative’s big birthday brought me to Philly for the first time in a long while and afforded a few minutes to look around.  Name that carrier?  I once walked its decks as a visitor more than three decades ago, and have a friend who served aboard . . .  as a journalist in the […]

Retro Sixth Boro 50 B

Ten years ago, the WTC was incomplete, no supertalls/superskinnies were up, and Taurus was not yet Joker. Miriam and the archway at Sailors Snug Harbor are all the same, although that dock is gone from there. The 1969 Barbara McAllister is now Patsy K, operating out of the Gulf coast of Florida. The 2003 Jane […]

Out of the Bayou 8

This post covers a day and a half of travel, shown in pink and green.  You’ll understand why by the end of this post. We departed Chandeleur Islands and headed for Mississippi’s Gulf Islands, part of a National Seashore. In the distance off Pascagoula, we saw Crowley tug Achievement and her barge.   No Worries […]

Truckster! 20

Send me more photos of old and rusty trucks . . . or old and restored trucks along the road?  Here are more sights I saw along the road last month . . . 1940ish International pickup with a bony guy at the wheel?  Rusty trucks do seem to be attention-getters for businesses along two-lane […]

Seats of Power 2

Edda Fram runs back and forth, it seems, from shore (Scotland)  to various oil platforms in the North Sea.  Rough weather operation necessitates seats hard to fall out of. Solomon T, once operated by Elbert Felton (shown), is a 1938 restored inside the Outer Banks fishing vessel, with seat and wheel appropriate to 1938. MV […]

Whatzit 41

Or . .  . what day of the week is it?  There is a logic here. While we’re looking at AIS, notice this surprise . . . 10 or so nm south of Fire Island, Grasp is (or was)  . . . grasping. This is not Grasp but her sister Grapple, both product of Peterson […]

Balls on Hulls

Thanks to Ashley Hutto, I started on this path a month ago.  Notice the equipment just beyond the H-bitt and slightly toward the capstan? The same equipment can be found on this $161 million stationary vessel on the East River:  the orange ring and net seems to be to the right and several balls can […]

Government Boats 48

I’ve posted photos of USS Little Rock on this blog last winter, when it was frozen rock hard into the Montreal winter.  Its lines helped me identify these vessels some weeks back as I was driving along the eastern shore of Wisconsin, where I had stopped to see what was in the Marinette Marine yard; […]

Pilot No. 1

Since noon it’s been raining, but the sunrise brought this sequence:  CSAV Romeral outbound for Baltimore and one of the most beautiful work vessels of the sixth boro inbound.  Also, that’s Vane’s Magothy in the distance.  And for outatowners, way in the distance is Coney Island, home of the mermaid parade on the summer solstice. […]

T-ATF 172 USNS Apache 2

How about a quick walk-through of Apache?  Here’s part 1, if you missed it. And here and here are links to the shipyard where she was built.  The masts (main to fore) are just under 90′ and just over 60′. Apache and sister vessels’ mission is towing and submarine support.  This is no design for […]