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More North Woods Alligators

You may recall previous posts here and here about these machines called “alligators” or warping tugs, flat bellied vessels used in timbering a century ago that could pull themselves across short stretches of land between bodies of water.    These photos were sent to me by Steven Smith who owns a camp near where the photos of […]

North Woods Alligator Paleontology

Two years ago, I learned about these tugs while north of the border here.   Many thanks to Paul Fehling for today’s fotos of alligator tug remains.  He took the fotos while canoeing recently in western Maine.    My reference book called Alligators of the North makes me believe these could be this could be what’s left of a 1923 […]

Trophy North Woods Alligator

Back from the northwoods with no muskellunge and no sightings of moose or bear, but I learned that one alligator can move as many as 60,000 logs up there in a single tow.  Think I’ve lost my mind somewhere in the forest where I drank straight from the lake and heard loons, coyotes and wolves […]

Sound Ferries 2

After I return to CSF with a camera, I’ll pick up part 1 again.   For now, let’s look at another ferry line that crosses the Sound.  By the way, how many ferries do you see in the photo below? It was a foggy day in Port Jefferson that I chose to walk on for […]

Laissez Les Merrily Merry Temps Rouler

A truly unique take on the the elf and his conveyance towed by three reingators  comes from Louisiana.  I’ve read here that the lead gator is called Rouxdolf.  Those reingators will need some bonfires to guide their way through the bayou. Bravo Morgan City, and from Emily Ann off Sandy Hook as seen only from […]

Other Peoples Photos 74

Some time ago, I posted photos of small craft including one not-so-small Florida Bay Coaster (FBC).  Since then, I learned that the FBC is called SAILS and operated for many sea miles by a gentleman named Jay Wigginton, whose blog you can read here. Many thanks to Jay for sharing a set of photos from his […]

Fishing January 2018

A surprising feature of the sixth boro in winter is the fishing, dragging for clams.  And many thanks to Steve Turi for sending along this article about this fishery from north Here are some previous winters’ posts about these boats.  And right about exactly eight years ago, I saw the greatest concentration of fishing […]

Small Craft 18

Here are previous posts in this series. Below . . . could that almost be a dawn or twilight background?  And is that a canot a glace aka ice canoe –with oars instead of paddles–maybe?  Ice canoeing, some would say, is the real Canadian winter sport . . . Well, no matter how much you squint, […]

Ports along the ICW

This post is a direct follow-up to one I did a week ago, documenting the 270-nm trip from Kings Point NY to Norfolk aboard USMMA Sailing Foundation vessel Tortuga.  This post documents the second and final leg of the trip to Tortuga‘s winter berth in New Bern NC, a 179-nm trip from Norfolk. Let’s start here. […]

KVK Tourism

And I thought I was a solitary tourist wanting to see the sights here?  I always do bring outatowners here to my “offices” for the scenery. And to think that he too thought a maritime center devoted to contemporary shipping is sorely needed along the busy channels of the sixth boro. First, Noble Maritime IS […]