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Silver Ray and Mary Alice

Although some companies do most of the ship assist work in the sixth boro, others do some as well, as in here. Still I was mildly surprised when I saw Mary Alice assisting Silver Ray the other day.  Note the docking pilot on the starboard bridge wing of the tanker, radio communicating with the tug. […]

So Long, Alice

I took the photo below on June 7.  My special interest in Alice stems from her being the subject of my very first blog post.  Since then, I understand from two sources that Alice Oldendorff will be renamed.  Algoma Verity. Verily?  Verity it’ll be when she next returns?  We’ll see. Anyhow, here’s one source, and […]

Alice Again 2

Yesterday a goal was to get a better look at this vessel, Ternen. Her odd posture resulted from some marine variation on a flat tire. And while I watched, this familiar bulbous bow appeared, headed for sea.  Alice!!  she was in town almost to the day six years after I started this blog. Almost exactly […]

Alice’s Family

Some great pics of a self-unloading Oldendorff bulker, Sophie, come our way thanks to John Watson, from his perch high above the sixth boro.  Alice has been around recently as well.  Sophie delivered salt, since we don’t know how many times winter will resurrect before summer comes..  I’m not sure what procedure Siteam Adventurer expected […]

Alice Again

So Alice came back, just for me.  How thrilled I felt last Saturday to see her  back in the sand piles over by the Navy Yard.  Since November 26, 2006 Alice O has circled the globe and stopped or approached every continent except Antarctica.  And I have posted 629 times (counting this one) on this […]

Alice’s Place

I focused on Alice the first time I ever posted, and if you’ve visited here awhile, you know about my perverse devotion to Alice, but she last visited New York around the start of this year, and as of last night was blithely sailing along the cusp of the Indian Ocean, westbound, southeast of Sri […]

Alice’s Sibling

Harmen . . waited just north of the Narrows for her to offload in Brooklyn. He’s five years younger and carries 15,000 dwt more.  If you don’t know the “her” here, type Alice into the search window on left.   What’s intriguing is his mixed Ukraine/Romania heritage. Read about it here. See info on Mangalia, […]

Alice’s Mates

You know . . . like team mates, collaborators. Let’s start with the heaps and mounds of aggregate left where she docks.   Wait for a few days,   and what? another vessel sidles up to the Lehigh cement operation there,   Enter . . . Spar Three of Spar Shipping, and registered in Bergen, […]

Lovesong for Alice

. . . what an idea, tea with Alice. Consider that an invite, my dearest.   Dedicated to Thomas Pynchon for his classic rocket limericks . . . There was this belle bulker named Alice Who enters New York heavy, then leaves in ballast. As she follows that beaut bulbous bow I am oercome with […]

Alice is Back!!

Believe it or not, Alice came into Brooklyn last night, so I crossed over the Hudson to Jersey. No sour grapes or anything; I just had an appointment that I’ll blog about soon enough . . . with Anne. No, that’s not Anne below; read the name for yourself. Ambassador, it turns out, is a […]