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Thanks to Aleksandr Mariy 2

Here are more photos from Aleksandr, taken on a canal between Middelburg and Vlissingen.    Ruurtje tows while F-50 takes the stern as they move the aluminum superstructure of a future Damen-built patrol craft on barge Risico 11.     Click here for another view of the tow.   Click here for a view of […]

Thanks to Aleksandr Mariy

Aleksandr sent me these photos about a month ago.  He took them on April 20 passing Vlissingen and headed generally northward.   And I’m somewhat stumped.  What does Flintercoral look like to you? To me it looks like a new build, going elsewhere for completion. Multratug 27 takes the bow and Multrasalvor 3 at the […]

Ports of Gdansk and Bremerhaven

As Aleksandr travels from port to port in Western Europe, he periodically sends photos like this one from Gdansk . . . Herkules is barely six months old . . . and doing what it was designed and built for.  These photos also show the global homogeneity of the shipping industry. Ditto this photo of […]

Dutch Tugs 5

Let me clarify the title .  . all these photos were taken in Dutch waters by Aleksandr Mariy.  Jade is actually a German tug built in 2000. Union Emerald–the tailing portion of this tow–is Belgian, 2005 built. And in between, the barge is Dutch. I like the lines of Veritas with a telescoping wheelhouse, but searches […]

Summer Training 2

Below is a photo of State of Maine taken off Antwerp, Belgium,  on 12 July 2016 and used with permission. Another recent visit to the sixth boro by an ocean academy training ship happened on July 19. The photo above and below were taken by Lew.  Golden Bear is currently steaming SW 100 nm off SW Puerto […]

Excessively Windy 3

Here are previous posts with references to wind.  Sunday and Monday were windy but commerce went right on.   The weight of these units is manifested by the smooth ride in the harbor chop.  Offshore it would be a different matter in the swells. I wouldn’t call it spindrift, so maybe it’s just spray? All […]

Port of Cuxhaven

If you’re not sure where to place Cuxhaven, the image below may help.  Another clue is that in Cuxhaven inbound, you could choose either to make for Hamburg or for the Kiel Canal. All these photos come thanks to Aleksandr Mariy, whose drawing we featured here recently. Wal was launched in 1992.  Dimensions:  101′ x 32.8′ […]

Second Lives 24

Stuff changes.  You’ve heard that before.  And it always will.  Jeffrey Lin captures that in his way. Aleksandr Mariy shows this in another way, which I’ve been trying to do with “second lives” posts. Here’s his set of drawings of what is today the tall ship Avatar, built in 1941, currently gearing up for the […]

Second Lives 23

I’ve taken this photo from Facebook, on a thread started by Aleksandr Mariy.  He wondered what it was. Look at the stern, the shape of the house, and the bow apart from the upper bulwarks shaped up to and around the bowsprit. Speculation in that thread was  and I change the words slightly and add […]