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Afrodite 2

OK . . . I prematurely published it, so here it is. Recognize this tanker . . . once a regular in the Hudson River but out in other waters the past few years . .. I was thinking this post could be called Afrodite . . . shares the waterways. A sport fish boat, […]


Not Afrodite although Apollon is otherwise a twin. This IS Afrodite.  All the rest of these fotos are compliments of Paul Strubeck. In this set of Paul’s fotos, you may conclude that his conveyance is overtaking Afrodite, but I’m reversing the order as the vessel  Afrodite–leaves the upper Hudson running towards sea and St. John. […]

Sound Platform

Let’s start at the Mattituck Inlet . . . and look east.  I’d never had a sense of the bluffs here. I’d come here to catch a glimpse of the platform, the only deepwater petroleum platform on the US east coast, I’m told. It was built in the 1960s by Northville Industries, which in the […]

Random Tankers 5

How about a random sample, as the title says.  Afrodite, launched 2005, and dwt of 53k.  I believe that was Normandy arriving.  Usma, not US Military Academy because that’s at West Point NY, but a 2007 tanker with a dwt of 53k. Seameridian, 2001 and right around 50k. Seaenvoy, same fleet as Meridian, but launched […]

Random Tankers 2

That more tankers and fuel barges arrive in the sixth boro in the colder months is just my hunch;  maybe someone reading this can supply numbers to prove or disprove this.  It would make sense, given that there’s the need for heating.  In any case, let’s look at some vessels in town in recent months.  […]

Panama Canal Followup

I’ve been holding on to these photos until my article came out online, which happened yesterday.  You can read it here. For sixth boro watchers or astute followers of this blog, what do you notice about the vessel–Maria Energy–centered as it enters the chamber at Cocoli?  Answer follows.     What Cerro Ancon is doing […]

Sixth Boro Summer 4

As I went to one of my locations Thursday, I saw this tow headed up the Upper Bay toward Bayonne, and lamented being too late.  I knew it was one of the new DSNY garbage cranes recently being deployed to new marine transfer stations in Manhattan & SW Brooklyn… Panning slightly to the right, a […]

Random Ships 38

Recognize this northbound tanker? Afrodite. Another orange PCTC . . . escorted in by Margaret, I think. Tulane. Torm Lotte . . . The Peter Max vessel headed for Florida and back by next weekend? Breakaway. Conrad S . . . she of the whaleback forecastle to lessen greenwater loading? And another PCTC . . . Hoegh […]

Daily Ship 6

Here was 5 in the series.  And here’s something I miss up on the Canal:  ships!  They remind me the planet is vast yet interconnected. From a distance, I thought this was Grey Shark.  It’s actually quite different, but its cargo is the same.   And while we’re on hauling cars, it’s been a while […]

Other Peoples Fotos 29

All these photos come from bowsprite, who is known to scale the cliffs and trees of lower Manhattan to photograph and sketch the ships go by.  From auspicious time to time, she shares her photos with me, as she did recently. Northbound . . . Stad Amsterdam in formation with a sludge tanker. This past Sunday […]