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More Capes

Naming vessels after capes is entirely understandable, given their labeling and navigational importance.  This post follows up on one thanks to Kyle Stubbs from a few months back featuring photos he took in Mississippi, not this one more recently with photos from Mike Abegg taken near the Brooklyn shipyard. Serendipity brought this following set together, […]

More on the Capes

First there was one, and Mike got a close up look of the “boss,” the curvaceous raised metal plate on the bow.  I love the seahorses on either side of that plate, a throwback to an era when mythological creatures decorated ocean charts.     Then beginning a week ago, there were two, stern to […]

Exotics 6

No, it has nothing to do with dance, but refers to my bird guide which calls “exotic” anything appearing outside of its usual habitat.  Here are the previous exotics posts. These photos were all taken by Mike Abegg in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. It’s Beverly M I, a McKeil tug.  I quote from the site […]

East River Mystery 4

Here are previous posts in this series. And this set comes from Mike Abegg, whose photos have been used here previously.   Check this out.  All I know about the yellow vessel is that it looks like a Griffon 1000TD. Anyone know the whences and whose . . . inquiring minds wish to know. Thanks to […]

Hoorn-Bound Half Moon 3

Here was 2.  Scroll through and you’ll see other posts I’ve done on the vessel in North America.  The photo below shows Half Moon under full sail off Boston earlier this month. Here on an AIS grab from yesterday, BigLift MV Traveller scooted across the North Sea from Scotland into the port at the mouth […]

Other Peoples Photos 47

A month ago, I posted some really random tugs here, including the one below in the mysterious Miami River.  Yesterday, thanks to Robert Cremer, the tug below was identified as LT-1970, a Higgins Industries October 1953-delivered tug once known as Okinawa.  Thanks much to Robert.  The photo below is taken by Allan Seymour. The next […]

Other Peoples Fotos 27

Darell T. Gilbert took this foto . . .  a hot air balloon over the water in Red Hook around the 5th of January.  WTF?!@#@!!  Anyone know the story? Thanks to Sam Zapadinsky . . . can you identify this creature walking on the icy upper Hudson?  Coyote?  Here’s a post from a few years […]

Random Ships 24

First, thanks to Birk Thomas . .  . Ice River currently in Philadelphia.  Here’s the reefer fleet list. And thanks to Mike Abegg, Alice Oldendorff, currently in the sixth boro, the vessel that started this blog over 2000 posts ago. Also, still in port, Asopus. And just out of the repair dock, it’s Stena Primorsk, […]